You Are My Cupcake #2020

You Are My Cupcake By Joyce Wan You Are My Cupcake A scrumptious board book filled with sweet terms of endearment This bite sized board book is an ode to all the names we call our children cutie pie sweet pea peanut pumpkin With a candy colored pa
  • Title: You Are My Cupcake
  • Author: Joyce Wan
  • ISBN: 9780545307413
  • Page: 183
  • Format: Board Book
  • You Are My Cupcake By Joyce Wan A scrumptious board book, filled with sweet terms of endearment.This bite sized board book is an ode to all the names we call our children cutie pie, sweet pea, peanut, pumpkin With a candy colored palette and irresistible art, this is the perfect baby shower gift
    You Are My Cupcake By Joyce Wan

    • [PDF] You Are My Cupcake | by Ó Joyce Wan
      183 Joyce Wan

    About "Joyce Wan"

    1. Joyce Wan

      Award winning author illustrator, JOYCE WAN, designed her first greeting card when she was in first grade for a city wide greeting card design contest The design won first place and was subsequently sold through a major department store chain Twenty years later, after a brief stint as an architect, that design would inspire a line of greeting cards and eventually a design studio called Wanart whose products featuring Joyce s designs are now sold in thousands of boutiques and gift shops worldwide Joyce is inspired by Japanese pop culture, modern architecture, and things that make her happy She currently lives in New Jersey with her husband and daughter.

    452 thoughts on “You Are My Cupcake”

    1. Another great board book by artist Joyce Wan, You Are My Cupcake mixes adorable drawings and terms of endearments that parents use for their children cutie pie , sweet pea , pumpkin , which are, strangely, all related to food.My 7 month old daughter absolutely loves these books, than any other of the numerous board books we have accumulated Go figure my wife and I would have a ridiculously large collection of books for our kid Part of the reason is how colorful they are, but she also seems to h [...]

    2. 3.5 stars Aww, look at those cute illustrations I loved the sweet pea in the pod and the smiling pie most of all Although, I have to say I ve always found the phrase I just want to eat you up to be than a tad frightening creepy.

    3. Adorable book with cute illustrations of all the sweet little pet food names we call our babies Almost impossible to read it without resorting to a cutesy baby voice You have been warned.

    4. SUPER adorable I think this was my favorite children s book that I ve seen in awhile The illustrations were beyond cute I also loved all the cutesty sayings you are my oven baked cutie pie etc How sweet is that

    5. This book had the most adorable fonts and illustrations Each page has a different cute little nickname My is in a puddle on the floor.

    6. Joyce Wan s book is a feast for the eyes as soon as you view the cover Sparkles radiate from the cutest little cupcake, a portend of the sweetness to come Parents everywhere create endearing little foodie nicknames for their little ones That s why this book is so appealing Who can resist a sticky little gumdrop, an oven baked cutie pie, or a honey roasted peanut The simple art with bold colors make this board book perfect for your little cupcake It also makes a readalicious, bite sized treat for [...]

    7. Little ones can be very scrumptious.We ve read and loved a couple other Joyce Wan board books, so another one this time based on food related terms of endearment was a great discovery These books are just the right length for pre nap or bedtime reading, and are always very visually pleasant Her style is simple but engaging, full of colorful pages and very cute characters I wonder if we could find a boxed set of them somewhere.

    8. I decided to save this one for a stocking stuffer, so I haven t read it to my daughters yet, but it has all the makings of a new favorite The illustrations are beautiful and brightly colored There are no than about four words per page which is perfect for my one year old bookworm Overall, I am definitely a fan of this one, which is good because I will probably be reading or reciting it over and over again.

    9. This is a really cute board book to read to your newborn It s short enough to get through before your newborn gets bored, starts crying or gets distracted by hunger or a dirty diaper This book is also a great book to read out loud to your baby while you are pregnant again because it s brief and enjoyable to read It will put a smile on our face and hopefully your baby.

    10. Super cute with big bright illustrations, this is a wonderful book to share with a baby or toddler It features a cupcake, a gumdrop, a sweet pea, a pie, a peanut, and a pumpkin.But the ending of Baby, I could just eat you up is a bit bizarre, and the illustration of the cover s anthropomorphized smiling cupcake with its top eaten off could frighten a child.

    11. The board books by Joyce Wan are great fun Children will ask to have them read again and again It has bright vibrant illustrations Joyce Wan has created a little board book children will love.Read the review and with links to other reviews of books by the author on my blog Book Reviews and More.

    12. We enjoy all of the Joyce Wan baby books The pictures are colorful and the text is sweet This one we read along to the tune of You are my Sunshine These books encourage lots of displays of affection and sometimes Adah reenacts our readings with her baby doll.

    13. I won this book from GoodReads First Reads.This is the most adorable book ever I love the cover with the little cupcake, a little glitter The phrases are just too cute with the different pictures Its perfect for kids and a special someone Highly recommended, you don t want to miss out

    14. This is one of our favorite books This is actually the first book we read to our newborn daughter while still at the hospital We have read it hundreds of times and it never gets old I love this book

    15. Another wonderfully adorable board book from Joyce Wan This one also has great colors and is super adorable It is full of pet names next to illustrations such as My Sweet Pea This would make a wonderful baby gift

    16. Another adorable board book from Joyce Wan that I want to go straight out and give to a baby or sweetheart Becky, Teen LibrarianReserve a library copy

    17. Food terms of endearment for little ones, read by their loving caregiver Cute illustrations, but no story line It s a statement book You are my fill in the foodie blank I checked it out for a cupcake storytime, but it was not a good fit Reviewed from a library copy.

    18. simple picture book, cute pictures Love the food theme.My daughters are so adorable I could just eat them up we had to read this twice in a row Five stars and lots of giggles if you munch on your little cupcake during story time.

    19. I requested this Giveaway a year and a half ago when I was pregnant, but had told no one except my husband My kiddo is almost one now, and he loves it The bright colors and fun pictures really appeal to him He loves going through this book over and over again.

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