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Of Death And Darkness (Lady of Darkness Book 1) By Brandy Slaven Of Death And Darkness Lady of Darkness Book Mel spends the first twenty four years of her life as a friendless loner with no family All she is trying to do is find her place to exist What she is expecting is definitely not what she gets Will sh
  • Title: Of Death And Darkness (Lady of Darkness Book 1)
  • Author: Brandy Slaven
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Of Death And Darkness (Lady of Darkness Book 1) By Brandy Slaven Mel spends the first twenty four years of her life as a friendless loner with no family All she is trying to do is find her place to exist What she is expecting is definitely not what she gets Will she be able to handle the destiny that the fates have chosen for her It s so peaceful here at the ocean You have the constant drowning of the waves crashing against each oMel spends the first twenty four years of her life as a friendless loner with no family All she is trying to do is find her place to exist What she is expecting is definitely not what she gets Will she be able to handle the destiny that the fates have chosen for her It s so peaceful here at the ocean You have the constant drowning of the waves crashing against each other and on the shore The wind is never still Always a nervous bee in your ear If I ve ever thought of any place as home, this would be it Finding myself lost in my thoughts again, I take a seat in the sand and stare blankly out into nothing The silence is the first thing that I notice The static behind my ears has been my companion for well over two years So of course, I should notice when it decides to go on vacation I m automatically on alert I don t stand or make any sudden moves, because I don t know where the precognition of danger is coming from If I hadn t been searching, I probably never would have seen them 17 Due to mature subjects situations and language.
    Of Death And Darkness (Lady of Darkness Book 1) By Brandy Slaven

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      Brandy Slaven lives in Tennessee with her husband and two wild children If you can t find her typing away at her laptop, you will find her with her nose in a book at the beach or hiking at one of the state parks Bringing her characters to life is one of her greatest accomplishments.

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    1. It s no secret that 90% of the books I read are of the supernatural paranormal variety so it s an understatement to say I have some expectations Well of those expectations is that there be a realness to the story and the characters behaviors reactions i.e If something freaky happens you are freaked out standard reactions here peoplet asking for the moon I get that you have to suspend belief with the supernatural paranormal BUT standard reactions should remain the same I didn t get that here at a [...]

    2. WOW First, I want to say that I love the cover of this book I am a stickler for a cover Secondly, the men in this book are indeed drool worthy I love that each scene is crafted in a way that it s not over bearing You fall without even leaving the comforts of your home The sex scenes are not at all over the top and the storyline is amazingly effortless I love this book and will purchase because I can definitely see me reading this again On to book 2 I recommend this for all the Reverse Harem read [...]

    3. Reviewed by Whitney Shooting Stars ReviewsThis book starts out a little rough to get into, but then somehow it starts to get really good I thought the story line was very good, and I enjoyed the characters a whole lot I just hope there will be to the series because one is not enough There were a few things with the book that didn t make sense, but I m hoping that gets answered in the next book This had action, and romance so it was pretty good to me

    4. The story sucked me in from the start There is something about the writing, I can t quit put my finger on it, that just gets you hooked Mel is 24 and lonely She s all alone, aside for her oddball of a cat Apollo By a chance encounter she meets a group of boys There was like a thread, a pull, that led her to them Later on, it becomes known that they are a coven Of vampires but not a traditional kind And she is their Lady.The origins of vampires were rather interesting Supposedly, vampires are the [...]

    5. Everything is too perfect, no character development, and no real plotI did not particularly enjoy this book We don t really get to know each of the characters that were introduced in the book Everybody just sort of magically comes together except we missed the why The main plot in the story was rather weak The few girls in the book were in the best of friends club and everything is magically fine Towards the 1 4 end of the book I found myself just skimming view spoiler You realize everything was [...]

    6. Of Death and Darkness by Brandy SlavenMel never felt like she fit in until the night she meets Liam and his group of friends She makes the life altering choice to become their Lady The sexy vamps do not disappoint in this paranormal romance providing all of the love and caring Mel could ever wish for along with a place to belong if only they can stay one step ahead of the Resistance.The thing I loved most was the growth of the main character Brandy did an amazing job adding in many twists that d [...]

    7. I am really excited about where this is going This series does not start out slow, from the get go it is moving forward Some people might like a slow build, but I love the pace that the author is setting in this RH series

    8. The story pulls you in the further you get in the book A lot happens in this I love how it builds up and how Mel grows I wish there were interactions and back stories to Mel s coven though Hopefully we get to find out in the next book.

    9. Not badWriting starts out a little rough but by the end it seems to have gotten better If you like RH give this a go I am looking forward to book 2

    10. Loved it Diverse harem at its best action, magic, deep love, blood, gore betrayals what s not to love Oh, super hot, loyal and committed vamps loving their lady

    11. What an awesome find I m amazed at this book When I came across it, I had no clue what an awesome n kickass story I find Loving it

    12. Give it a chance.I didn t read the other reviews before reading this and found it interesting afterward that we all felt the same I almost gave up on the book in the beginning as it moved too slow and felt a bit detached Then all of a sudden it grabbed me in the middle and I couldn t stop reading it So for those who are unsure, give it a chance and I promise you won t be disappointed Looking cowardly the next installment.

    13. Vampire RHI enjoyed this book It was a good start to the series The characters are all like able Looking forward to the next one.

    14. Amazing book Initially I was not to convinced about reading this book, now I m very happy I gave it a chance The book hooked me from the first chapter, the characters all work amazing together and the storyline is great I can t to read what comes next

    15. Interesting readThis book started out kind of great Then I began to lose interest It might have been me as I got inturupted a lot reading the book There are a lot of people to follow abd I don t feel like I really got to know most of them You could have swapped just about any of the names and it wouldn t have made a difference I love her take on vampires and how they work with the covens I think Mel is interesting She grows a lot and changes a lot throughout the story.Editing was pretty good How [...]

    16. Ready for I enjoyed this very much I love reverse harem style books I am hoping that she has intimate moments with the other members of her coven At least the first 5 I m definitely looking forward to the next book.

    17. I was hooked from the first chapter There was action and romance and then the Twist with Theo I was kind of upset that the situation mentioning him was not discussed , but other than that I loved the book 3 Cant wait to read 2.

    18. Enjoyed this looking forward to book 2.I really enjoyed this story and her take on vampires Just a few grammar mistakes but story was well written

    19. OH MY LORD IM IN LOVVVVE This book was amazing So much yet not enough going on Loved the main character, her men, and the other covens Is Jude one of her mates Loved this book

    20. Yes Just yes This book has so many twists it s amazing and Mel with her convent is so beautiful I can t wait for the second book

    21. I LOVE ITMel hates being alone She works constantly to fill the void and keep the noises in her head at bay Then she meets Liam and the guys and her life is turned upside down There s action, sex, and love And hot vampires Very hot vampires.There are a few mistakes in this book, but nothing bad The beginning seemed jumbled to me but that might just be me But once you get into the story, it s fantastic I can t wait for the next installment

    22. Really enjoyed this book.I really enjoyed this book and read it in one sitting lol Can t wait for the next installment.xx brilliant Awesome.

    23. I cant believe it took me this long to find Of Death and Darkness I can honestly say this book is now one of my new favourites Especially since it is a reverse Harem, yay So this story follows Mel who s always felt a little out of place, not to mention the near constant buzzing she hears in her head That is until she meets a group of men, and suddenly the buzzing has disappeared The men she is introduced to are Liam, Kristian, Asher, Josh and Kyle these men are not like the others, they have a s [...]

    24. Erm, Wow I didn t think I was going to like or enjoy this book as the beginning was a little slow and hard to get into, but I persevered and ended up loving and really enjoying it I think that this is the authors first book, and I do generally tend to find that an author s very first book can be a bit slow getting into, but the pace tends to pick up, and Of Death and Darkness did.This is a reverse harem novel, which is the main reason I decided to pick it up to read in the first place The main c [...]

    25. So, lets get this review startedMel is a curvy kickass heroine who just wants to belong.Mel has bounced around her entire life and has never been part of a real family.Enter our Harem Heroes who immediately make Mel feel like she is wanted, like she matters.What I liked 1 The Coven concept pretty unique explanation of vampires and how they are made I won t go into detail and ruin it for you 2 The idea of Mates within the coven, not all of the men in Mel s coven will be her lovers.3 Mel isn t the [...]

    26. I was unsure but came to love it ,but didn t love the TBC feeling of the ending.I was unsure but came to love it ,but didn t love the TBC feeling of the ending Wasn t sure if I was going to like Mel at 1st,while I know what it s like to survive a hard life if pain,Mel came of to me as a weird combo of kinda sweet but kinda hard and I wasn t sure how to take her,I eventually came to like and respect her strengths and weaknesses and I deeply appreciate all the work this writerput into this story a [...]

    27. I was lucky enough to win a paperback copy of this book, after reading it I feel compelled to give you my honest opinionI absolutely love love love this book I was hooked from the beginning and, testament to how much I was enjoying this book I read it slowly to savour it Mel s journey from being a loner to finding out what she is and finding a coven, a family to love and look out for is an amazing storyThe book is well written, the characters loveable and have great chemistry despite some of the [...]

    28. Not your everyday vampire story.Discovered this author during a takeover and have now become a fan A totally different take on the vampire world is what keeps you so enad with these characters One leading lady surrounded by so many hot sexy vampires, who introduce her to a new way of life While finding her new life everything she could dream of, a threat known as the resistance is about to turn her world upside down This group is on a mission to eradicate every vampire coven they can find.I trul [...]

    29. A good RH bookI really liked this book Mel, the main character, evolved as the story evolved It was a natural progression and well done There was lots of steam with lots of hot guys At first I thought Liam was my favorite, but now I m leaning toward Ryker or Phoenix So many yummy vampires Amberly was a fun character, but I wish I could have gotten of a picture of Dru Maybe in the next book The story was creative I expected some dark paranormal romance, and it was in some aspects, but wrapped up [...]

    30. I had a very peculiar feeling while reading the book It was as if I was watching from afar and could not help The story was written in a way that does not include you, you are just a silent observer It is difficult to explain and I am not sure this was done intentionally, maybe this is just this author s style but it worked quite well The only other thing I noticed and was not particularly happy about was that she agreed to become the lady of the coven too soon I wanted her to have questions an [...]

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