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The Damage Done: Twelve Years of Hell in a Bangkok Prison By Warren Fellows The Damage Done Twelve Years of Hell in a Bangkok Prison In Warren Fellows was convicted of heroin trafficking between Thailand and Australia He was consequently sentenced to life in Bang Kwang prison known as the Bangkok Hilton This is the story of h
  • Title: The Damage Done: Twelve Years of Hell in a Bangkok Prison
  • Author: Warren Fellows
  • ISBN: 9781840182750
  • Page: 144
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Damage Done: Twelve Years of Hell in a Bangkok Prison By Warren Fellows In 1978 Warren Fellows was convicted of heroin trafficking between Thailand and Australia He was consequently sentenced to life in Bang Kwang prison, known as the Bangkok Hilton This is the story of his 12 years behind bars, the abuse of human rights and the squalid conditions he endured.
    The Damage Done: Twelve Years of Hell in a Bangkok Prison By Warren Fellows

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      Warren Fellows Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Damage Done: Twelve Years of Hell in a Bangkok Prison book, this is one of the most wanted Warren Fellows author readers around the world.

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    1. Australian Warren Fellows becomes a willing drugs courier at the age of 21 and is finally caught in Thailand with 24 bags of heroin, spending 12 years in a Bangkok prison.I detest this man He wants sympathy for the terrible conditions that he was subjected to and yet I find it impossible to actually care We re not talking about an innocent framed tourist or a naive idiot who thought he was carrying something else This is a guy who, out of greed chose to be a drug courier and work for very danger [...]

    2. 4,000 Days was offered to me as an excellent way to get myself out of a reading slump I d burned myself out on 400 page novels with brilliant writing and needed something a bit less involving While I m not entirely happy with the book, the recommendation was spot on and I found myself finishing it in one sitting.Telling the story of Warren Fellows, 4,000 Days is or less exactly what the cover promises Told in a simple, straight forward style, it is a loose and hurried account of a man s experie [...]

    3. This may be the best book i ve listened to all year It is truly remarkable in every way the story is gripping, horrifying, and illuminating the writing is tight, to the point, and creative and the narrator is one of the, if not the, best i ve ever heard his timing and intonation is perfect.Ever wondered what it s like in a prison How about the worst one in the world This guy describes the unbelievably inhuman living conditions and torture that the Thai prison system put him through And he explai [...]

    4. A quick read but not near as good as I expected it to be according to the ratings.Maybe I am spoiled but I have read 2 books about this same prison by 2 different Dutch guys.One of those books was so well written and told us the horrible experience he had to go through But he did that in a much better way than Warren Fellows This book felt rushed, written from the sideline.I do understand why this book got high ratings I think that has lot to do with all the horrible and shocking things he had t [...]

    5. Quite a depressing book to be honest A trafficker caught in the act who pays the ultimate price Twelve years in a hellhole Have to feel sorry for the guy but then you have to feel sorry for the heroin addicts who were addicted to his supplied product Ironically he becomes an addict himself during his time behind bars Marching Powder by Rusty Young is certainly a better, uplifting tale, of life in prison for a trafficker Much funnier too and at times, almost unbelievable

    6. This book was a very descriptive insight to some of the worst prisons in Thailand and I imagine anywhere in this world The sheer disregard for human suffering and the extent of the brutality is unbelievable The mind boggles how these things are allowed to happen It was at times a grisly and difficult read but very interesting to someone like me who has no prior in depth knowledge on this topic.

    7. A Review of 4000 Days by Warren Fellows Imagine a place where anyone can do anything and anything can happen People around you would be dyeing, but know one would do anything to help them they would just watch A place where you would be starving for weeks, even sometimes for months This is about a man named Warren Fellows who was a drug dealer and went to different places like India and Asia to get drugs and deliver them to people who wanted them Everything went smoothly for him till one day the [...]

    8. A shockingly true story of two aussies jailed for drug trafficking in Bangkok in 1978 for 12 years.Whether they deserved it or not is besides the point The horror and the cruelty of the guards and the inmates has to be read to be believed While telling the reader of their experiences it is distressing to read about the graphic details of many other young travellers from all over Europe who disappear in to this hell hole, some never to be seen again A must read if you want to know and avoid the u [...]

    9. As with most people who read this book I finished it in about two page turning hours and thought it was a phenominal insight into the world of westerners involved with drugs in Asia Warren wrote a straight to the point, one dimensional account of his experience and it still receives a wealth of praise from both sides of the drug debate fence I say this because I wonder how my own book will be received, having written it with a literary bent straight from the heart of a full on and mental life pa [...]

    10. For anyone even contemplating the life of drug smuggling, this is a must read This tale of filthy conditions and uncaring guards all mixed up in a foreign land allow for a horrific page turner If this doesn t put people off that kind of life, nothing will This book also contains one of the best scariest introductions to a book I have ever read A well written account of living hell.

    11. Read in one day Fellows spent 11 1 2 years in the Thailand prison system from 1978 until late 1989 for drug trafficking He admits his guilt It s a story of unrelenting horror torture, heat, bugs, rats, filth, disease, privation and starvation and he has survived it all Anyone who reads this account and feels justice was done isn t human.

    12. You know, I think 2 stars is almost too kind for this book I think it might be the first non fiction book I have felt a genuine need to vent about But, on the plus side, it was interesting and quick to read, so I can t really rate it 1 star Let s compromise on 1.5 stars My main issue with this book is not the horrible things depicted in it, or that they happened to Warren Fellows My problem is the way Fellows wrote this story Look, I m not gonna lie, this book is little than a gigantic pity par [...]

    13. No other book has ever made me so annoyed, disgusted, uncomfortable, angry and scared It wasn t well written and I think Warren was a douche, but I went through so many emotions while reading this story and that to me, makes a good book If you are intrested in prisons, you should read this.

    14. Shocking and interesting but poorly written with some poetic licence obviously used Probably should ve expected both those things.

    15. One star for some of the elements of Thai culture that I found interesting As for the restanted, I ve been a corrections officer for a while now, so I m probably just biased, but I just didn t feel sorry for him It wasn t just that he was trying to enrich himself by running drugs and feeding off of the addictions of drug addicts, although that in itself isn t very endearing, but his behavior prior to his imprisonment just showed Warren Fellows to be loathsome and excremental, as when he seduced [...]

    16. Finished this book in two short sittings Ok it s not the best written book I have ever read but my the emotions it causes you to experience are intense.Warren is arrested in Thailand for attempting to smuggle drugs out of the country Up to that point he never used them and to be honest was probably feeling cocky as he had successfully smuggled before He will admit it was a choice he made without much thought and at no time is looking for sympathy The book details his time in various prisons in T [...]

    17. 4,000 Days My Life and Survival in a Bangkok Prison is a biography book written by Warren Fellows This book is about Warren Fellows, an Australian man who tried to smuggle heroin from Thailand to Australia, but he got caught He was sent to Bang Kwang Prison and he had to spend 12 years in prison He described about how the prison was like and how the prisoners were treated in the prison The life in the prison was horrible, the prisoners were treated badly by the guards and the condition was very [...]

    18. I was on my way to Thailand, and wanted something to scare me off doing something stupid and ending up in prison, I had heard about The Damage Done and it was described to me as being a Thai Midnight Express so I bought it straight away Warren Fellows retells the story of his devastating experience in several of Thailand s most notorious prisons for trafficking heroin in the late 70s The Damage Done contains twelve years of this man s life condensed into roughly 200 pages, his words are haunting [...]

    19. Warren Fellows is a contrite person He fully admits he deserved his punishment for drug trafficking, and asks for no pity.What he does do, though, is shed light on the atrocious things that one set of humans can inflict on another, and I found the last chapter the best, full of his thoughts about life afterwards.I thoroughly enjoyed the story, not just the account of life in probably the world s worst prison, but also the sheer human will you need to survive such a thing.And if there s one thing [...]

    20. loved it from start to finish i too was a herion addict for 15 years i found he knew what he was talking about in this book i read it in prison for the first time and the second time was just 2 day ago its a must read book.I for one would seriosly think when i am abroad of having any thing to do with drugs and will be do.uble chequing me case its just so sad this story how one man could go through so much.

    21. This book was OK But I ve read far better prison stories There s no doubt that Warren endured very hard times, but the story telling was pretty poor There was no development of prison mate characters, just a constant stream of one time a guy , d then another random guy etc etcI would recommend books like Papillon or Forget You Had a Daughter over this one.

    22. Story of an Australian man caught smuggling heroin from Bangkok and his time spent in Bang Kwang prison Midnight Express is one of my all time favorite books about Billy Hayes imprisoned in Turkey for smuggling hash 4000 Days is a good story but it is told in past tense instead of story form Still interesting but not as good as Midnight Express.

    23. Hadn t read a book in an age criminal I know but was on Samui and felt under the weather so decided to take a night off and bought a book I thought looked interesting This was it and it reignited a passion in me for reading Couldn t put it down, cover to cover in 8 hrs

    24. This an extremely hard hitting book, with very graphic and disturbing stories from the author This is an excellent book to give teenagers and anyone does not have the full understanding of the unglamourous consequeces of drugs and drug peddling.

    25. Of all the drug smuggling, banged up abroad type books I ve read and there s been a lot this is one of the best Very well written.

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