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The Post-Birthday World By Lionel Shriver The Post Birthday World Using a playful parallel universe structure The Post Birthday World follows one woman s future as it unfolds under the influence of two drastically different men In this eagerly awaited new novel Lio
  • Title: The Post-Birthday World
  • Author: Lionel Shriver
  • ISBN: 9780061187841
  • Page: 400
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Post-Birthday World By Lionel Shriver Using a playful parallel universe structure,The Post Birthday World follows one woman s future as it unfolds under the influence of two drastically different men.In this eagerly awaited new novel, Lionel Shriver, the Orange Prize winning author of the international bestseller We Need to Talk About Kevin, delivers an imaginative and entertaining look at the implications, laUsing a playful parallel universe structure,The Post Birthday World follows one woman s future as it unfolds under the influence of two drastically different men.In this eagerly awaited new novel, Lionel Shriver, the Orange Prize winning author of the international bestseller We Need to Talk About Kevin, delivers an imaginative and entertaining look at the implications, large and small, of whom we choose to love Using a playful parallel universe structure, The Post Birthday World follows one woman s future as it unfolds under the influence of two drastically different men Children s book illustrator Irina McGovern enjoys a quiet and settled life in London with her partner, fellow American expatriate Lawrence Trainer, a smart, loyal, disciplined intellectual at a prestigious think tank To their small circle of friends, their relationship is rock solid Until the night Irina unaccountably finds herself dying to kiss another man their old friend from South London, the stylish, extravagant, passionate top ranking snooker player Ramsey Acton The decision to give in to temptation will have consequences for her career, her relationships with family and friends, and perhaps most importantly the texture of her daily life Hinging on a single kiss, this enchanting work of fiction depicts Irina s alternating futures with two men temperamentally worlds apart yet equally honorable With which true love Irina is better
    The Post-Birthday World By Lionel Shriver

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      Lionel Shriver

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      Lionel Shriver s novels include the New York Times bestseller The Post Birthday World and the international bestseller We Need to Talk About Kevin, which won the 2005 Orange Prize and has now sold over a million copies worldwide Earlier books include Double Fault, A Perfectly Good Family, and Checker and the Derailleurs Her novels have been translated into twenty five languages Her journalism has appeared in the Guardian, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and many other publications She lives in London and Brooklyn, New York Author photo copyright Jerry Bauer, courtesy of Harper Collins.

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    1. Great Premise with Unlikable Results Being a fan of Lionel Shriver s previous novel, We Need to Talk about Kevin , I was thrilled to find that she had a new novel out I was even intrigued by the novel s beguiling plot Irina McGovern, a forty something ex pat living in London, finds herself at a crossroads, and the novel proceeds in two separate directions Irina has been in an almost ten year relationship with Lawrence Trainer that has settled into a comfortable if stultifying groove He s sturdy [...]

    2. Onvan The Post Birthday World Nevisande Lionel Shriver ISBN 61187844 ISBN13 9780061187841 Dar 517 Safhe Saal e Chap 2007

    3. You know when you express an interest in, say, boats, and then for the next five years all anyone ever gets you has to do with boats I m experiencing something similar at the moment irrelevant observation I loved Shriver s other book, We Need To Talk About Kevin, so I was actually a bit nervous about reading this one I was convinced there was no way it could be as good as the former And to be honest, I don t think it was, but I still loved it It teetered on the edge of being too gimmicky for my [...]

    4. Great conceptualization I always liked those Choose Your Own Adventure books , but lousy execution not to mention intimation, narration, accentuation and punctuation This author knows not the concept of too much information Maybe I am on the prudish side, but do we have to be so intimate with a character as to know all their bodily habits and functions Cervix sexy But when I wasn t curling my lip in disgust, I was banging my head against the wall in frustration and boredom If not for Jenny s pos [...]

    5. Lesson 1 Don t let your husband make money than you.Lesson 2 If you can t decide between two or men, they re probably both wrong for you Especially if they re, oh, self centered assholes.I hated this book from page one Halfway through I declared it to be one of the worst books I had ever read I hated the characters, the characters names, the character s jobs sorry, I still can t distinguish between pool and snooker , the plot, and the prose, which is annoying and littered with a multitude of m [...]

    6. Ostensibly the classic chick lit, romcom, virtuous Victorian type story of the young lady who must choose between prudence, security and morality vs passion and a consuming love, the story does much than that, and delves much deeper than the typical story of the kind would do It is tempting to compare this to Sliding Doors, since the concept is the same I.e one decision later, what happens in two alternate universes One she chooses to stay with her safe, stable companion Lawrence, the other she [...]

    7. I raced through this book because I was so engrossed by the story line s I suppose it s chick lit in the sense that women probably have an easier time relating to the story than men would, but it s so much better than most chick lit garbage out there I followed this book with a true chick lit piece of crap and wanted to pull my hair out What amazed me about this book is how much is stuck with me after I was done reading it I kept thinking about the characters and the choices and the outcomes and [...]

    8. This book utterly bored and irritated me, all at the same time.The supposed purpose of the book was to show how one seemingly small decision can drastically impact your life, but that your decisions will still result in very similar parallels The moral I took from this story was essentially to dump the guy before he dumps you And that if your life is fated to be miserable, it s going to be miserable no matter what you do Inspiring, don t you think The author s obsession with the finer details of [...]

    9. is a wonderful novel about the choices we make in love and how it affects our lives I was really blown away by this novel and recommend it to all and sundry The writing was so smart, and not in an aren t I clever with pop references way which many chick lit authors do Not that this is chick lit far from it in depth and scope Although it was hard to follow the parallel worlds at first, I really got into it and was turning the pages with excitement to see what would come next I am an avid reader [...]

    10. Like a Sliding Doors with class, this book plays out what would happen if a woman stayed with her stable, responsible lover of ten years, and what would happen if she left him for his irresistibly sexy, volatile friend Since I constantly Sliding Doors my own life how would life be different if I moved to another city loved a different man chose a different career I was fascinated to see how the author would resolve the dilemma of, love vs responsibility attraction versus lifestyle What makes thi [...]

    11. I chuckle each time I skim through the reviews for Lionel Shriver books including this book to see readers giving her the old low star on account of how depressing and unlikable her characters are, how there s too much detail And, of course, how every book besides We Need to Talk About Kevin is so disappointing because it s not just like WNTAK So, yes It s true The book is lush But all of that detail functions as a kind of third plot line in the book or a unifying narrative, I suppose Admittedly [...]

    12. This book has a plotline that could have been so cheesy but comes out so well In the first chapter, mild mannered childrens book author Irina McGovern goes on a birthday dinner with Ramsey Acton, a snooker star in London Irina s long term partner, Lawrence, is absent, at a conference in Sarajevo, and Ramsey s recent divorce from his wife, mean that Irina and Ramsey are alone for the first time in their history They end up at his house, against the snooker table, and Irina either does or does not [...]

    13. Post Birthday World is a bit of a mixed bag I read the bulk of it in two days and was tearing up towards the end After I set the book down and my mother asked me how it was, my response was, It was okay, then I proceeded to tell her, at length, about the story, what I liked and what I didn t like.The story is set in London, where Irina McGovern has lived in domestic comfort with her partner not husband of 10 years, Lawrence both in their 40s After starting a tradition of having yearly dinners wi [...]

    14. Like the main character s path branching in two directions, so did my opinion of this book Really, I d give this 2 1 2 stars At times I liked it, and at times I HATED it Sometimes I was bored, and sometimes I was riveted Sometimes I thought Irina was whiney and annoying and a pain in the ass, and sometimes I saw bits of myself in her although, granted, those were probably my whiney, annoying, PItA bits.What really bugged me, and what I hoped would resolve itself in the end, was precisely what th [...]

    15. 2.5 stars It was alright, an average book The author has a way with words and I enjoyed the beauty of several passages However, the plot did not do it for me and it felt like the book was repetitive, taking forever to advance the storyline Overall a mixed bag, but I would definitely consider reading another novel by Shriver Favorite Quote But one of the things you lose in the wisdom of age is the wisdom of youth Education is not a steady process of accrual, but a touch and go contest between lea [...]

    16. Wow Add Lionel Shriver to that list of authors whose work makes me despair of ever writing anything worth reading Her vocabulary is nearly as impressive as the way she wields it, making even the smallest of moments feel utterly profound and poignant The scope of this novel is somewhat ordinary Our protagonist, Irina, is a middle aged woman sleepwalking through a decade long relationship with her live in boyfriend, Lawrence, when a surprising moment of chemistry presents her with the choice of ki [...]

    17. Despite me loving Shriver s novel We Need to Talk About Kevin, this newer novel seemed way too full of itself to me Under its pretentious packaging, it s just a mass market romance novel There s absolutely nothing profound or special about it in my opinion.

    18. Ramble ramble ramble ramble ramble ramble ramble ramble ramble ramble ramble ramble ramble deep breath ramble ramble ramble ramble ramble ramble ramble ramble ramble ramble I just watched that Community episode that has the Nicolas Cage Good or Bad class Shriver is the writer equivalent of Nicolas Cage, though far less prolific than I d like Some pages you re like, Omg, she can t say that Well, who s stopping her That s so true and hilarious and dark and compassionate at the same time other time [...]

    19. I m usually pretty tenacious when it comes to finishing books, but after 100 densely packed yet pointless pages of this, I gave up.In We Need To Talk About Kevin, Shriver s rambling, circuitous style was reined in by a strong story This novel has no such anchor It s just not ABOUT much.The premise is interesting a practically married woman goes on a date with a handsome acquaintance in one version of events, she kisses him and embarks on an affair, in another, she refrains and stays with her cur [...]

    20. The premise of this book was interesting, much like the movie Sliding Doors, what would happen if you made a single decision, and your life could have gone on two alternative paths from that decision There is a single first, and a last chapter, and apart from that, the other chapters are duplicates of the alternate lives that the protagonist could have led However, at over 500 pages long, this book was an exercise in patience, especially when it was littered with excessive description and pointl [...]

    21. As I was compulsively reading this, I caught myself thinking I hadn t been this caught up in a book about the choices women are called upon to make since Tess of the d Urbervilles As soon as I finished it I thought the comparison wasn t quite so specious after all.Irina Galina McGovern, a Russian American children s book illustrator living in London, faces some tough choices in mid life On the surface these choices may seem superficial, a mere matter of choosing between two men But in fact they [...]

    22. Irina is in a safe relationship with Lawrence One evening she finds herself attracted to one of their mutual friends, Ramsey, and here the story splits in two In one version she leans forward and kisses Ramsey, falls in love with him and leaves Lawrence in favor of Ramsey In the second version she rushes home and is relieved that she did not give in We follow the two parallel stories.But perhaps instead she was doubly blessed, and her passion hadn t been divided in half, but multiplied by two.Li [...]

    23. I read an article in Esquire magazine this morning that laments Sexless Fiction esquire fiction sexles The author should pick up The Post Birthday World, which explores grown up sex and grown up consequences This adult choose your own adventure story presents a moral dilemma for a woman in a committed relationship should she give in to temptation and kiss the attractive attentive celebrity snooker player, or should she remain true to her steady companion, who never kisses her has never proposed [...]

    24. Read the first 100 pages and decided I couldn t continue on I simply didn t CARE about what happened to ANY of the characters I didn t even read the last chapter to see how it ended After reassurances that it got better, I picked it up again last night I skimmed the snooker crap, which cut out about 1 2 the remaining 400 pages while I do admit it DID get a tad better, the sex was unneccessary not just sour grapes since I haven t gotten any in months and the characters were not at all developed I [...]

    25. I wanted to maybe give this two stars, because I recognize that Shriver is a good writer, and I want to give her credit for the idea she tried to execute in this book I also appreciate a good character study But in the end, I don t think there was much about this book I liked, so I can t find anything to warrant giving it two stars.Very early in the book, like maybe chapter 2, it seemed to me the only way this book could have a satisfactory ending was if Irina ended up ditching both Ramsey and L [...]

    26. My friend introduced me to Lionel Shriver by saying, You need to read The Post birthday World Wait, read We Need to Talk about Kevin first I m not sure you d appreciate Birthday without Kevin I did as she asked, and I honestly can t recommend any novel by Lionel Shriver highly enough Her writing is precise you know exactly what she means and exactly how she means it No details are wasted, no moment is superfluous However, the real draw to Shriver s work and particularly this novel for me is this [...]

    27. As someone who owns Sliding Doors and has made a habit of watching it nearly once a yearI love the concept of small changes making a big difference in your life.But I do not like this book Some books start slow Stephen King, my favorite writer of all time, has been known to start slow at least by me But this book stays slow.Irina is living a content boring life with Lawrence A man whom refuses to marry her, withholds emotion and affection but whom she is never the less proud to be with.On weeken [...]

    28. I love the premise Irina chooses between staying with her long time live in boyfriend tried and true, boring or leaving him for a new one thrilling, passionate The story breaks apart at that point and follows each pathway, switching between the two parallel stories This could have been great, but the parallel stories are too parallel, the men are fairly unlikable, and Irina seems to have few innate personality characteristics of her own unless you count gorgeous but doesn t know it It s fun at f [...]

    29. I am always hesitant to read books that garner lots of critical attention those books that seem to be the must reads every few months However, I really enjoyed this book At the end of the first chapter, the main character has a choice to act in one of two ways in a certain situation From there on out, there are two sets of chapters that tell parallel narratives of what happens as result of this choice one set follows the yes trajectory and one the no trajectory This seemingly small choice has bi [...]

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