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Shaking the Nickel Bush By Ralph Moody Shaking the Nickel Bush Skinny and suffering from diabetes Ralph Moody is ordered by a Boston doctor to seek a healthful climate Going west again is a delightful prospect His childhood adventures on a Colorado ranch were de
  • Title: Shaking the Nickel Bush
  • Author: Ralph Moody
  • ISBN: 9780803282186
  • Page: 452
  • Format: Paperback
  • Shaking the Nickel Bush By Ralph Moody Skinny and suffering from diabetes, Ralph Moody is ordered by a Boston doctor to seek a healthful climate Going west again is a delightful prospect His childhood adventures on a Colorado ranch were described in Little Britches and Man of the Family, also Bison Books Now nineteen years old, he strikes out into new territory hustling odd jobs, facing the problem of gSkinny and suffering from diabetes, Ralph Moody is ordered by a Boston doctor to seek a healthful climate Going west again is a delightful prospect His childhood adventures on a Colorado ranch were described in Little Britches and Man of the Family, also Bison Books Now nineteen years old, he strikes out into new territory hustling odd jobs, facing the problem of getting fresh milk and leafy green vegetables He scrapes around to survive, risking his neck as a stunt rider for a movie company With an improvident buddy named Lonnie, he camps out in an Arizona canyon and shakes the nickel bush by sculpting plaster of paris busts of lawyers and bankers This is 1918, and the young men travel through the Southwest not on horses but in a Ford aptly named Shiftless New readers and old will enjoy this entry in the continuing saga of Ralph Moody.
    Shaking the Nickel Bush By Ralph Moody

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      Ralph Moody

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      Ralph Moody was an American author who wrote 17 novels and autobiographies about the American West He was born in East Rochester, New Hampshire, in 1898 but moved to Colorado with his family when he was eight in the hopes that a dry climate would improve his father Charles s tuberculosis Moody detailed his experiences in Colorado in the first book of the Little Britches series, Father and I Were Ranchers.After his father died, eleven year old Moody assumed the duties of the man of the house He and his sister Grace combined ingenuity with hard work in a variety of odd jobs to help their mother provide for their large family The Moody clan returned to the East Coast some time after Charles s death, but Moody had difficulty readjusting Following than one ill timed run in with local law enforcement, he left the family home near Boston to live on his grandfather s farm in Maine His later Little Britches books cover his time in Maine and subsequent travels through Arizona, New Mexico, Nebraska, and Kansas including stints as a bust sculptor and a horse rider doing horse falls for motion pictures as he worked his way back toward Colorado while continuing to support his family financially.Moody s formal education was limited, but he had a lifelong interest in learning and self education At age 50, he enrolled in a writing class, which eventually led to the publication of Father and I Were Ranchers In addition to the Little Britches series, Moody wrote a number of books detailing the development of the American West His books have been described as crude in the language of the times but are highly praised by Moody s readership and have been in continuous publication since 1950.After a period as livestock business owner in rural Kansas, Moody sent to Massachusetts for his former sweetheart, Edna They married and moved to Kansas City They had three children Source

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    1. In the tradition of the Little Britches series, this one is just as good as each previous book We enjoyed it thoroughly It s frustrating to hear of so much lying and deceit going on and I d like a little of the natural consequences to be explained to balance that out That aside, this is an incredible story of entrepreneurship I am just amazed at his willingness to try new things and use his talent for good as well as to provide for himself, his family back home and for his mooching friend Lonni [...]

    2. What a disappointing book After four excellent entries some of which were truly stellar I can t believe the sudden drop off in quality Allow me to elaborate SPOILER ALERT 1 Lies, lies lies Gone is the highly scrupulous Ralph Moody we came to know and love in earlier volumes His desire to honor his father s passion for honesty, integrity, and forthrightness seems to have disappeared completely, and with no explanation whatsoever He routinely lies to his mother throughout the book and doesn t obje [...]

    3. November 2016 Re reading man, this book is tough October 2014 A genuine disappointment Yes, Ralph is in a desperate situation Yes, Ralph is a man Yes, it is the Great Depression Yes, there are whole number of reasons why this segment of Ralph s life is grueling but he is acting out of character for most of the book He enables his kind hearted but dishonest amoral friend far too long and at too great a cost to Ralph s character Ralph lies constantly to everyone including himself The book is borin [...]

    4. I love how this shows that the author can pretty much turn his hand to anything he tries, and he s tried quite a few things I don t know how I d present the lying to Mother so she doesn t worry aspect of the book.

    5. Reader thoughts Even after knowing how it ends, I keep reading and hoping it s different this time No, it s not as bad as the ending to Little Britches Father and I Were Ranchers, but it s still pretty upsetting I completely agree with Ralph when he says he still doesn t know if meeting Lonnie was good or bad.So, Lonnie Because I only meet him through Ralph s eyes, I think of him as a well meaning bloke who doesn t quite have his head on straight He loves his car to death, gets distracted by eve [...]

    6. Shaking the Nickel Bush was very different from all the other books in the Little Britches series This book focuses solely on Ralph and his life experiences His family is mentioned occasionally, but Ralph does not really interact with them His life has taken a different route, and he is on his own in this story Although I enjoyed reading it and I really liked it, I have to say that so far, this is my least favorite book of the series Ralph s life is drastically different from the previous books, [...]

    7. This is the sixth book in Ralph Moody s Little Britches series that I have read, and it was enjoyable but perhaps my least favorite so far In this account, Ralph is now about 19 years old and heads west from Boston to Tucson looking for work as a cowhand He was recently diagnosed with diabetes and given a rather dire prognosis, so the climate in the desert Southwest seemed like a good prescription So, young Ralph finds himself in Arizona with little money, during the recession following WWI, loo [...]

    8. I don t know how the Little Britches books keep going so strong, but I have loved them all but I haven t read The Home Ranch This one started out different and I didn t know if I was going to love it, but it was great I love Little Britches attitude and ability to figure things out

    9. Another piece in the autobiography series of Ralph Moody These books are so good Great family read alouds if you have sons, or just books for you sons to read.

    10. My husband is slowly continuing to read these at night to the children They really enjoyed this one, except it definitely had some heart wrenching moments.

    11. How had i not heard of this true life wild west era series until now Wow, how life has changed in only a couple generations I need to find the rest of the series in audio format.

    12. Looking for some old western adventure Danger Excitement Well, Ralph Moody provides just that in his book, Shaking The Nickel Bush The best part It s all true.This story, part of an eight book autobiographical series, is sure to capture the attention of readers both young and old In Shaking The Nickel Bush, Moody sheds light on what life was like in the early 1900 s This particular story, taking place during 1918, follows the wild and entertaining life of Ralph Moody The story opens as Moody is [...]

    13. Ralph has grown up by this part of the series and it was interesting to see his morals played out he keeps his word staunchly yet at one point the book said that he told just enough of the truth to deceive or something along those lines Interesting to see how he placed emphasis on not sinning literally yet obviously had the intention of deception That said, Ralph was far from an evil person I also appreciated the stark reality of this book Ralph has diabetes, flounders around trying to make mon [...]

    14. This is another in the litte Britches Series Ralph is a young adult and is trying to make his way in the world when he is found to have diabetis His doctor tells him to eat a diet high in protein canned salmon and low in carbs, and lots of fruit and veggies He tells him to move west and get lots of sunshine So he does He learns lots of ways to make money, and finds a friend who shares the experience with him It is a good adventure with the usual moral values discussed, with one twist, he doesn t [...]

    15. The first half of this on was just plain painful Ralph s character house was in trouble and his new friend obviously never heard of such a thing If you were lonely and hadn t a friend in the world, would you hang around the half brain dishonest likes of Lonnie The second half we find the old Ralph we have grown to love Ralph said that he wasn t sure if hooking up with Lonnie was a good thing or bad Lonnie was instrumental in bringing Ralph into money and mistakenly loosing it, leaving Ralph as h [...]

    16. I didn t much like this chapter of Moody s story He s simultaneously perfect and hornswoggled, if one can imagine His endless cataloguing of each and every breakdown of his piece of junk car grew wearying after the first breakdown His patience with his wastrel companion was annoying, and the lack of resolution at the end was the last straw I had a hard time reconciling the morally upright youth of the earlier books with this young man who is falsifying doctor s reports and lying to his mother at [...]

    17. Ralph, at 19, is diagnosed with diabetes and advised to move to a drier climate The adventures in this book take him to the American Southwest Others have written that Ralph s response to life s challenges in this book were a departure from his boyhood values, but I was not bothered by his choices Some parts were laugh out loud funny and other times I found myself wanting to warn him of possible pitfalls I highly recommend

    18. We just started last night Little Britches is 19 now and just diagnosed with diabetes He heads out to Arizona just after WW1 he is discriminated against for not being in the war.This was a fun story We talked about Lonnie and his lack of beginning with the end in mind, and Ralph reacting to Lonnie and how it cost him all his money Still important then money is the fact that Ralph is aliveA worthwhile family story for this winter especially if your kids are older.

    19. This was not my favorite book in the series, although it was interesting to see how the young adult version of Ralph Moody went about earning a dollar Work was found in some unlikely places and situations and I appreciated Ralph s ability to develop his talents and discipline himself to be self employed I found myself a little irritated with Ralph though, for enabling a free loader, being dishonest with his mother, and watching seven hundred hard earned dollars, walk out the door.

    20. Another great book from the series I really love his can do attitude despite his situation I think too many people in his situation today, would demand government welfare to take care of all their needs Not even a consideration with him Of course today it would be harder to do what he did, due to the numerous laws that prohibit individuals to enter into contracts with another and to start a businesses.

    21. Overall I enjoyed this book, though it certainly had its disappointments Mainly for the fact that Ralph decides to string together a pretty pack of lies for his mother s sake However, this did lead to some good conversation with my eldest daughter about how all of us have failings and no one is perfect all the time We love Ralph s books and though this one has been our least favourite so far, I m still glad we visited it.

    22. This is the sixth book in a series often considered the boy s equivalent of the Little House on the Prairie series A beautifully presented edition of the account of a boy growing up, with real life hardships and challenges, a very personal account of family and people making it through despite tough circumstances, yet always with the bracing expectation that boys were expected to act like men in the face of adversity.

    23. Still a great book in the series, but I was so annoyed that he didn t dump his buddy that it was hard for me to like it as much Still, it is crazy what great business sense he has, and how much money he ended up making And the ending You have to be a big person to not be upset about that

    24. I am rating this one lower because of the outright deceitfulness he had towards his mother, family doctor, excluding near the end when he finally told his sister the truth I think he wrote about this period of his life well and showed the problems he faced because of his lying, but it is sad that he did not have the courage to be honest with his mother, family doctor.

    25. So far I have nothing but good words for the Little Britches series This book fell short I think I know it is biographical, but it was a bit dry on content It was amazing what they made moneywise, but good morals and great lessons were missing I don t recall one single lesson that I would talk about with my kids from this one I still love the series, I m just disappointed in this one.

    26. This book skips some time since the last book in the series Ralph is now 19 and headed West to help his health He works odd jobs, including on a movie lot and sculpting I didn t think this would be as interesting as the others, but it held my attention like all the rest.

    27. I like reading this series Ralph is 19 and destitute and trying to survive with diabetes He makes a selfish friend Lonnie that drives me crazy to the end though, and it didn t have as many stories with the exemplary moral character that his other books have.

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