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The Fields of Home By Ralph Moody The Fields of Home Massachussetts Narrator Ralph battles maternal Granpa Tom Gould who swears at tarnal boy cook Millie old yalla colt Ralph tames buckskin by tricks ties ears back fills mouth with dirt app
  • Title: The Fields of Home
  • Author: Ralph Moody
  • ISBN: 9780803281943
  • Page: 448
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Fields of Home By Ralph Moody 1912 Massachussetts Narrator Ralph 15 battles maternal Granpa Tom Gould, who swears at tarnal boy, cook Millie, old yalla colt Ralph tames buckskin by tricks ties ears back, fills mouth with dirt, apple bribes Granpa busts invented contraptions Millie goes Uncle Levi advises patience Pretty Annie and Ralph hold hands Rocks, roots dynamited Barn raised.
    The Fields of Home By Ralph Moody

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      Ralph Moody

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    1. Ralph Moody

      Ralph Moody was an American author who wrote 17 novels and autobiographies about the American West He was born in East Rochester, New Hampshire, in 1898 but moved to Colorado with his family when he was eight in the hopes that a dry climate would improve his father Charles s tuberculosis Moody detailed his experiences in Colorado in the first book of the Little Britches series, Father and I Were Ranchers.After his father died, eleven year old Moody assumed the duties of the man of the house He and his sister Grace combined ingenuity with hard work in a variety of odd jobs to help their mother provide for their large family The Moody clan returned to the East Coast some time after Charles s death, but Moody had difficulty readjusting Following than one ill timed run in with local law enforcement, he left the family home near Boston to live on his grandfather s farm in Maine His later Little Britches books cover his time in Maine and subsequent travels through Arizona, New Mexico, Nebraska, and Kansas including stints as a bust sculptor and a horse rider doing horse falls for motion pictures as he worked his way back toward Colorado while continuing to support his family financially.Moody s formal education was limited, but he had a lifelong interest in learning and self education At age 50, he enrolled in a writing class, which eventually led to the publication of Father and I Were Ranchers In addition to the Little Britches series, Moody wrote a number of books detailing the development of the American West His books have been described as crude in the language of the times but are highly praised by Moody s readership and have been in continuous publication since 1950.After a period as livestock business owner in rural Kansas, Moody sent to Massachusetts for his former sweetheart, Edna They married and moved to Kansas City They had three children Source

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    1. The Fields of Home is my least favorite of this series but I highly recommend you don t skip it At this point in the story Ralph is living with his grandfather and it seems like he is constantly criticizing Ralph But it has it s redeeming qualities and I wouldn t want to miss this portion of Ralph s experiences and how he handles all of it.This book takes place in Maine I found the following review from of interest and thought I would share it If one was brought up as I was in Maine, farming wit [...]

    2. I think everyone should read all of the Little Britches series, but my favorites were Little Britches and Mary Emma and Company so I m only giving the other books a four rating even though I really enjoyed all of them They give a glimpse into life that makes us realize how important hard work and cheerfulness and determination really are and how much they can impact our success in life.

    3. There are two books in this series that the repeated exclamations used drove us absolutely CRAZY Betcha my life of The Home Ranch and gorry sakes alive, tarnal anything, and great day of judgment from The Fields of Home In fact, if ever I want to tease and get a rise out of one of my boys, I use those phrases Even with all the wonderful examples of work and skill in these books, the repetition of those phrases by Grandpa and Uncle has ruined the reading aloud of any books in this series My boy [...]

    4. My favorite Ralph Moody book so far His memoirs of growing up in 1910 s America show how much life has changed in 100 years I doubt teens today could do half of what they did back then.

    5. This is the first Moody book I ve read, so I can t say anything about this installment compared to the rest of the series but I can say that I loved every page of this one and was itching to read some passages aloud, even if just to myself Grandfather, Millie, and Uncle Levi are true New Englanders to the core and the interaction going on amongst themselves and with Ralph is so very entertaining on a number of levels Aside from just the humor and colloquial fun of the book, there are also a lot [...]

    6. Though all the Ralph Moody books are well written and are good for families to read aloud together, this ohe is my personal favorite It shows how a teen age boy and his ornery grandfather who could get along with no one managed to live and work together in spite of their differences in age and outlook Thjeir relationship was tested often as the grandfather kep calling Ralph a tarnal fool when he wanted to use modern technology on their farm, when he wanted to use eggs in cooking , etc I know fe [...]

    7. I am stuck trying to think of something to say that won t, in some way, spoil it a little biterefore, I ll recommend Ralph Moody s autobiographic series of books be first read in its queue up to Fields of Home to reap the most pleasure Oh, read it It is my favorite so far This is the 2nd x read of The Fields of Home for my son and I Now I am editing just to say that Moody s next book, Shaking the Nickel Bush , is not to be missed A gemd if you are fortunate, you will listen to it by CD with comp [...]

    8. Wonderful book in this series which I highly recommend Especially good for parents raising a boy to read this aloud There are lots of opportunities to pull life lessons from these books I cruised through this one because it was so good and because I have a bad cold and I couldn t do much else.In this installment Ralph goes to Maine to live with his grandpa and help him farm His grandpa is difficult to live with an understatement , but they find a way to get along by the end I got a little teary [...]

    9. I loved this installment in the Ralph Moody biographical series To my mind, this is the best one, after the first, Little Britches I love the characters of his grandfather, Millie and Uncle Levi This would be a fun one to read aloud to be able to put all the life into the words of Grandfather He s a hoot Lots of good lessons to be learned from this book.

    10. This one did not disappoint Wholesome and entertaining Our favorite line from the book Gory sakes alive That oatmeal s saltier than Lot s wife

    11. Second reading Sep 2016This book is definitely darker and harder and mature than the first four, but it is A really nice maturing of Ralph.First reading Oct 2014

    12. Sometimes hard for 10, 8 and 6yo boys to keep pace with as a read aloud but the story is so good and character building Will likely have them read again independently as 11 12yo We have read all the Little Britches aloud and while this one moved slower, the lessons of hard work, ingenuity, compromise, and self control are worth the commitment.

    13. This is a great book about adapting to a cranky grandfather and setting reasonable boundaries I liked the americana setting and old fashioned way of life It was nice to see grandfather change over time Older people can and do change when motivated We must never give up hope This book is a powerful example of what a grandchild can do for a grandfather and essentially the power of family.

    14. Leslie, Central patron, June 2017, 5 stars Great stories about living on a Maine farm in the early 1920s.

    15. I was so mad at grandfather for most of this book, but Ralph managed to survive him It was fun to have some romance come into the Little Britches books and alls well that ends well.

    16. 1912 Medford Massachussetts Ralph 15 gets sent by widowed mother with large family to her father Tom Gould s farm near Lewiston, to appease city police chief with eyes on reform school In smooth shaded illustration, by oil lanterns, old iron cookstove, deep forest balky heifer tugs rope, shy sweethearts catch glimpses, fresh home baking steams apple scent into air A brow is furrowed in concentration, brow dried of sweat, dynamite blows roots and jay hither thither His younger brother, Uncle Levi [...]

    17. This book is much different from my memories rather faint indeed of having read it 45 years ago Ralph is living with his maternal grandfather in Maine, and seems to have a really difficult time catering to the multiple neuroses of the old man, and having to subsist mainly on salt pork, potatoes and biscuits He has always had a severe weight problem, and these years of malnourishment undoubtedly led to the life endangering case of childhood diabetes described early in the following book Neverthel [...]

    18. Reader thoughts This is my least favorite among all the Ralph Moody books I think this is mostly due to the grandpa he is so belligerent and cantankerous and foul mouthed and arrogant but also due to the lack of money problems In all the other books, Ralph or the family has to work, like, 16 hours a day just to make ends meet In this book, they had enough money they just weren t all getting along.So, the grandfather By the end, I did understand him better, but I still disliked him I think it hel [...]

    19. Easily my least favorite of the series Grandfather s an evil, abusive, horrible man I don t give the proverbial south end of a northbound rat that he shows his softer side by the end, he s still a pure D jerk Every time he opened his mouth to berate someone, I cringed Every time he begrudged Ralph or Millie the very food they ate, I got mad This book was also much overtly religious than the others, with the unlikely proselytizer being the evil grandfather I can t imagine that such a deeply misa [...]

    20. I am in the middle of reading this aloud to my husband for the second time We love it We now live in Maine, a couple of hours from the scenes where most of this book takes place, and when we drive around the Maine countryside we sometimes see a place that we ll call Ralph Moody s field, or sometimes Ralphie s field one with a ton of rocks in it I love Moody s writing his metaphors, his approach to the story, the way he is able to write from the perspective he had at the time rather than from the [...]

    21. I love this series This one takes Ralph back to his rural days, after his adventures and mis adventures in Medford, MA and he s back and forth at his cantankerous grandfather s farm in ME, until he realizes this farm is home to him I wouldn t say this was one of my favorite in the series, but I loved the progression from being a proud teen who had a deal with an over the top grump of a Grandpa to a humble young man who helps his grandfather to overcome his own pride and finally start accepting R [...]

    22. Most people who read this book have probably already read Little Britches in which Ralph Moody introduces himself and his hurried journey into manhood In this installment his mother doesn t know what to do with Ralph as he turns 15 and finally decides to ship him up to Maine to spend a year with her father Ralph is not keen about this and entertains thoughts of going back out west on his own Ralph decides to stay with his grandpa at least for a day A day turns into a week turns into a month turn [...]

    23. Another great chapter in the life of Ralph Moody I ve read the first two and the last two in the series before this so it was good to get some of the details of the in between time filled in, but each stands fairly well on their own, with an independent cast apart from the first person narrator of Ralph Starts off a little slow and some of the detailed descriptions of building farm machines or whatnot kind of go over my head and I m not too good at picturing what they mean all the time You find [...]

    24. Not quite as good as Man of the Family or Little Britches Moody s grandfather is infuriating to read I can t imagine what he was like to live with I was reminded of the frustration I felt in reading James Herriot s accounts of his partner Sigfried though Moody was not quite as long suffering as Herriot I suppose, too, it was refreshing to see Moody s brilliant ideas fall short a few times after essentially two whole books about his agricultural, equestrian, and engineering genius even if the ca [...]

    25. Not as interesting as the others in this series have been, but I did learn some neat things about bees Mostly, though, I was beyond exasperated with Ralph s grandfather who was constantly criticizing him for things he did and didn t do In the end Ralph s perseverance earned him the respect he didn t appear to get from his grandfather at first That was cool to see and to know that this is a true story so things like that actually do happen I also was reminded of how some people simply don t show [...]

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