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The Hellfire Club By Peter Straub The Hellfire Club They are dying one by one wealthy middle aged women in an exclusive Connecticut suburb Their murderer remains at large Nora Chancel wife of publishing scion Davey Chancel fears she may be next Afte
  • Title: The Hellfire Club
  • Author: Peter Straub
  • ISBN: 9780345477279
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The Hellfire Club By Peter Straub They are dying, one by one wealthy middle aged women in an exclusive Connecticut suburb Their murderer remains at large Nora Chancel, wife of publishing scion Davey Chancel, fears she may be next After all, her past has branded her a victim Then Davey tells Nora a surreal story about the Hellfire Club, where, years before, he met an obsessed fan of Chancel HoThey are dying, one by one wealthy middle aged women in an exclusive Connecticut suburb Their murderer remains at large Nora Chancel, wife of publishing scion Davey Chancel, fears she may be next After all, her past has branded her a victim Then Davey tells Nora a surreal story about the Hellfire Club, where, years before, he met an obsessed fan of Chancel House s most successful book, Night Journey a book that has a strange history of its own Suddenly terror engulfs Nora She must defend herself against fantastic accusations even as a madman lies in wait And when he springs, Nora will embark on a night journey that will put her fears to rest forever, dead or alive From the Paperback edition.
    The Hellfire Club By Peter Straub

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      Peter Straub was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on 2 March, 1943, the first of three sons of a salesman and a nurse The salesman wanted him to become an athlete, the nurse thought he would do well as either a doctor or a Lutheran minister, but all he wanted to do was to learn to read.When kindergarten turned out to be a stupefyingly banal disappointment devoted to cutting animal shapes out of heavy colored paper, he took matters into his own hands and taught himself to read by memorizing his comic books and reciting them over and over to other neighborhood children on the front steps until he could recognize the words Therefore, when he finally got to first grade to find everyone else laboring over the imbecile adventures of Dick, Jane and Spot See Spot run See, see, see he ransacked the library in search of pirates, soldiers, detectives, spies, criminals, and other colorful souls, Soon he had earned a reputation as an ace storyteller, in demand around campfires and in back yards on summer evenings.This career as the John Buchan to the first grade was interrupted by a collision between himself and an automobile which resulted in a classic near death experience, many broken bones, surgical operations, a year out of school, a lengthy tenure in a wheelchair, and certain emotional quirks Once back on his feet, he quickly acquired a severe stutter which plagued him into his twenties and now and then still puts in a nostalgic appearance, usually to the amusement of telephone operators and shop clerks Because he had learned prematurely that the world was dangerous, he was jumpy, restless, hugely garrulous in spite of his stutter, physically uncomfortable and, at least until he began writing horror three decades later, prone to nightmares Books took him out of himself, so he read even than earlier, a youthful habit immeasurably valuable to any writer And his storytelling, for in spite of everything he was still a sociable child with a lot of friends, took a turn toward the dark and the garish, toward the ghoulish and the violent He found his first effect when he discovered that he could make this kind of thing funny.As if scripted, the rest of life followed He went on scholarship to Milwaukee Country Day School and was the darling of his English teachers He discovered Thomas Wolfe and Jack Kerouac, patron saints of wounded and self conscious adolescence, and also, blessedly, jazz music, which spoke of utterance beyond any constraint passion and liberation in the form of speech on the far side of the verbal border The alto saxophone player Paul Desmond, speaking in the voice of a witty and inspired angel, epitomized ideal expressiveness, Our boy still had no idea why inspired speech spoke best when it spoke in code, the simultaneous terror and ecstasy of his ancient trauma, as well as its lifelong so far, anyhow legacy of anger, being so deeply embedded in the self as to be imperceptible, Did he behave badly, now and then Did he wish to shock, annoy, disturb, and provoke Are you kidding Did he also wish to excel, to keep panic and uncertainty at arm s length by good old main force effort Make a guess So here we have a pure but unsteady case of denial happily able to maintain itself through merciless effort Booted along by invisible fears and horrors, this fellow was rewarded by wonderful grades and a vague sense of a mysterious but transcendent wholeness available through expression He went to the University of Wisconsin and, after opening his eyes to the various joys of Henry James, William Carlos Williams, and the Texas blues rocker Steve Miller, a great joyous character who lived across the street, passed through essentially unchanged to emerge in 1965 with an honors degree in English, then an MA at Columbia a year later He thought actual writing was probably beyond him even though actual writing was probably what he was best at down crammed he many and many a book, stirred by

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    1. My first Peter Straub novel and I loved it Great read I loved the story, and the characters were very well written Highly recommended.Edit Just remembered that this was not my first PS novel Lol

    2. I first read this in the late 90s I remembered it as a fascinating mystery about an imaginary book However, I reading it again I found both the book within the book and the mystery less interesting than I thought This time around it seemed to be about the different ways men abuse women Some of the scenes of abuse are intensely disturbing.The main character is Nora Chancel, middle aged, menopausal, everybody s victim We see her suffer the bullying of her father in law, the carelessly cruelty of h [...]

    3. Althought the title suggest much, there is virtually nothing about the titular club in The Hellfire Club It s one of many interesting themes which Straub piles one on another, but it is never really developed The real star of this show is a book called Night Journey and a woman named Nora Chancel.Almost baroque in in the excess of character, themes and plot threads that run through it, The Hellfire Club attempts to be many things but doesn t really succeed at any of them A book about books, secr [...]

    4. The BasicsNora lives in an upscale suburb where it just so happens a serial killer is on the loose The latest disappearance of a woman who leaves a blood drenched bedroom behind has Nora embroiled in these killings than she ever wanted to be And it makes her a new target.My ThoughtsThat s a really bad attempt at The Basics up there Because all that was definitely true The book is about a woman named Nora who comes face to face with a serial killer who makes her life hell It s also a book about [...]

    5. On the heels of the author s really good novella Special Place, I was interested in checking out a full length novel of his This might not have been the one to start with, but it was available at the library, so I read it If I didn t know the two were written by the same author, I never would have guessed Where one is succinct, the other one is verbose and not just because of the difference in format , it just seemed like completely different writers Hellfire Club is an exhausting read and not n [...]

    6. No terror S explicitad follar y matar.Cuanta la vida de la parejita ideal que no es lo que aparenta Ella amargada, l hijo de editor famoso y que escribi la NOVELA, la cual cambia el mundo por su calidad Ella se aburre y con la ayuda de un asesino al que creen que es ella Har que se escape y busque quien escribi realmente ese libro que su marido supuestamente escribi Y ese viaje lo realizara a veces con un asesino, a veces con un acosador y muchas veces gente rara Straub es un pervertido con gran [...]

    7. Well where to start WOW What a journey this book was Very well written It was my first book by Peter Straub and really had no clue at all who he was I only knew he was a close friend and collaborator of Stephen King, and thought to my self gosh another author who writes a book once a week about anything without any real sense p.s sorry for all of the King s fans The real reason why I wanted to read this book was because of an tv episode of the UK show Most Haunted The episode was about The West [...]

    8. Straub s novel is technically written superbly His prose is clean and never calls attention to or gets in the way of his intricate plotting and sensory details He really shows he can develop scenes that seamlessly compliment each other as a congruent whole The writing never stacks up, but flows, which builds the suspense of this mystery story The villain of the story is sketched to full evil Hellfire Club proves that Peter Straub knows the craft of writing.

    9. I couldn t finish this I know I m loosing the taste for certain genres, but I don t think that was the whole reason I dropped it It just didn t read like Straub The beginning did, because as always he loads us up with a whole lotta characters to juggle at once and try to figure out But then the story just isn t good enough It s not preternatural enough It s not enough Maybe next time.

    10. C est bien, mais l intrigue est pas mal alambiqu e et met du temps avant d avancer et surtout, l h ro ne est un peu du genre paillasson et victime r p tition heureusement elle finit par se secouer la fin.

    11. Not a horror story When I try new novels like this one, it reminds me why half the time I just listen to Salem s Lot over again But, I ve listened to everything Stephen King has on audiobook, so I keep trying new titles by different authors.This is my second novel by Peter Straub Ghost Story was the first, which was actually a horror novel I reread the jacket, and I feel like The Hellfire Club tries to portray itself as horror, so it only gets one star I had hope in the beginning, but then it dr [...]

    12. I actually read this because of The Talisman, which Straub co wrote with Stephen King As you can tell by looking over my reading history, I m a bit of a King junkie, so it seemed natural that I should try out Peter Straub and see how I liked him.Turns out that he s fucking awesome I d been in a little bit of a reading slump before picking up this book, and it has got me thoroughly back into reading It s hard to describe because so many things happen, and I admit I was expecting something superna [...]

    13. This book was recommended to me by my mother, and she said it was one of the most terrifying books that she had ever read in her entire life So I was pretty excited, because my mom is usually pretty spot on about horror movies and books But then I read it, and I got so absolutely bored with it There was no real hook in the beginning and the twists were all predictable You pretty much knew what was going to happen from fifty pages before it actually happened I was very disappointed with this.

    14. I am really struggling with his style This stage of events was coming to an end Nora remembered a sense of resolve, but could not remember what she had resolved to do With the memory of her own determination came the return of renewed strength She had resolved to act I keep on mistaking this for a trashy airport novel and I don t know why I may bail out on this one unless it doesn t grab me somehow by page 100 It s Xmas There s so many better things to read and do Ditched.

    15. Blah.The thing about Straub that drives me nuts, is his buildup Shadowlands was GREAT if you could make it past the first 120 pages I was hoping for the same with this one.I was dissiapointed.The only novel thing I enjoyed about this book are His subtle and not so subtle Mockery of Dean Koontz Oddly enough, I also just finished What the Night Knows by Koontz and can see that the mockery is two sided Koontz mocks straub as much as he mocks Koontz.

    16. The title is a lurid publishers trick, is my guess The Hellfire Club is really only a minor plot element The real mystery is what happened to an author in the 1930 s and whether or not a manuscript was actually written by the man to whom it is ascribed.As far as dark suspense novels, this one certainly has a husband s character you won t soon be able to get over how awful he is, and how patient his wife is It s truly cringe inducing.

    17. So I was hoping this book would be about, you know, The Hellfire Club, since that is what it s called There were only a couple of Hellfire Club scenes Mostly it was just some crazy, nigh invulnerable guy continually kidnapping and tormenting one woman It had tense moments and was definitely the sort of thing you have to read to the end, but not great.

    18. I listened to this on audiobook during my commute The plot had a number of interesting twists, but left a lot of loose ends undone Also fairly disturbing subject matter, although not gratuitously violent or gory The villian of the piece is way over the top seemingly superhuman but there s a wonderfully poetic ending to the final climax.

    19. Didn t enjoy this book at all did well to stick it out to the end.Not read this author before so was a little disapointed as I expected .Some bits of the book were exciting but far and few between The majority was boring and I still don t quite understand where it was going.

    20. Like a child with limitless potential, but ADHD, the novel kept churning up to something big and never quite delivering Not a bad read, but when you re 100 pages from the end and you can t decide if you like the novel or not, that s usually not a good sign.

    21. Straub writes like a dream, but sometimes the subject is just too vile I didn t like or care about anyone in this book, but it was exceedingly well written.

    22. Peter Straub really is an awful author.I don t understand how he is so popular This marks my last Straub book, unless I come across something really interesting.

    23. It was hard for me to get into this book, but then I really wanted to know whodunnit and kept reading for curiousity s sake The monsters in this book are all real If you don t like reading about rape and torture, don t bother, because that s a huge part of the book and what I didn t like Straub weaves a good tale with lots of interesting characters added in to make it suspenseful Nora was great as one of the main characters, but I was equally pleased with many of the others I liked that it was a [...]

    24. While the saying goes Don t judge a book by its cover, sometimes you can For instance when I bought Peter Straub s novel THE HELLFIRE CLUB in 1996 I knew as soon as I saw it this book was going to be a chore to read And the 463 pages inside it weren t helping I bought the novel on the strength of KOKO, another Straub novel I d just read a few years earlier But no matter what I did, I just couldn t bring myself to read it I couldn t say why that was, what it was specifically that seemed so daunti [...]

    25. I think that s it for me with Peter Straub novels I ve read Ghost Story, A Dark Matter and now this and all 3 have left me with a feeling of what could have been Straub has amazing ideas for plots, but somehow along the way the plot seems to get lost and we end up with a cobbled together ending that leaves plot threads dangling unanswered Straub always does a great job of dragging you into a book by giving you a strange and mysterious start which pulls you in as you get drip fed information as y [...]

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