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The Enchanted Quest By Allan Frewin Jones Allan Frewin Jones The Enchanted Quest Far from the Realm of Faerie a quest to save immortalityA deadly plague is sweeping through Faerie and no one is immune to its bite Now with the guidance of the Dream Weaver Tania Rathina and a
  • Title: The Enchanted Quest
  • Author: Allan Frewin Jones Allan Frewin Jones
  • ISBN: 9780060871581
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Enchanted Quest By Allan Frewin Jones Allan Frewin Jones Far from the Realm of Faerie, a quest to save immortalityA deadly plague is sweeping through Faerie, and no one is immune to its bite Now, with the guidance of the Dream Weaver, Tania, Rathina, and a mortal ally, Connor, must head off to find the Divine Harper the only one who can help Tania renew the Faerie Covenant of Immortality Their quest will soon take them outsFar from the Realm of Faerie, a quest to save immortalityA deadly plague is sweeping through Faerie, and no one is immune to its bite Now, with the guidance of the Dream Weaver, Tania, Rathina, and a mortal ally, Connor, must head off to find the Divine Harper the only one who can help Tania renew the Faerie Covenant of Immortality Their quest will soon take them outside the borders of Faerie, to hostile and unwelcoming lands beyond.On their travels, Tania and her companions encounter danger at every turn as they battle pirates, contend with mysterious and mystical beings, and try to outwit those under the sinister grip of the Dark Arts But when Tania s beloved Edric appears, it looks as if they have help at last Or do they As tensions and dangers rise, Tania is forced to question everything and everyone around her in order to decide if she is prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice to save her loved ones.
    The Enchanted Quest By Allan Frewin Jones Allan Frewin Jones

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      Allan Frewin Jones Allan Frewin Jones

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    1. Allan Frewin Jones Allan Frewin Jones

      This author has published under several versions of his name, including Allan Jones, Frewin Jones, and A.F Jones He has also published under the pen names Sam Hutton and Steven Saunders.

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    1. I am really loving this series To be honest, I think it may be one of the best YA series in the market today I wish it would get acclaim The main characters are interesting, developed and strong The writing is great and the story is captivating I m always glued to the pages Spoiler alert Wow, dark Edric is awesome I HATE Conor I hope they ditch him He pisses me off And oh man, what a way to end the book Talk about a cliff hanger I pretty much yelled at the book when I got to the end So unfair t [...]

    2. I ve exhausted my interest in this series I can count on one hand at this point the books that had beautifully written, romantic stories with passionate characters who fall in love against the odds, in spite of them, or because they just plain have the spark Frewin Jones is no exception I loved the romance and the quest in the first book but not in the 5th I ll browse the 6th when it comes out, but that s as far as it will go Don t get me wrong, I still have a special place for the first It s ju [...]

    3. The Enchanted Quest by Frewin Jones 5 of 5 stars.5th Book in the Faerie Path Series Faeries tread the Faerie PathA trail that leads from Faerie RealmA ship upon the Western SeaDark sister s hand upon the helm Into Alba, into ErinEnchanted quest to undertake An ill to cure, a truth to learnA life to lose for true love s sake Tania s adventures continue as she sets upon a quest to save the Immortality of the people of Faerie With Rathina and Connor by her side she must unravel clues and mysteries [...]

    4. Premise 3 5 I admit, this is a series I felt could ve been ended after book 3 But I ve liked the first four books fine, and so I wasn t about to stop there I wanted to see the plague cured and follow Tania s journey to save Faerie Characters 2.5 5 I miss a lot of the characters left behind in Faerie I liked Tania s sisters and Oberon and Titania, and I don t much like Edric or Connor I like Rathina and Tania, but we didn t meet too many new characters and those we did meet were somewhat underdev [...]

    5. I have absolutly loved the Faerie Path since the beginning, so I of course am going to be reading the latest one The book starts out with telling what happened in the previous book It begins with Tania, Rathina, and Conner on the bank of the ocean in Faerie They continue on their quest to the town, where Titania first came to Faerie from Alba There they find a boat and take off into the ocean towards Alba Tania discovers hat she can still go between the worlds just not while she is in Faerie The [...]

    6. This is one of the best books in the Faerie Path series I enjoyed it very much I would not recommend reading this book if you have not read the other four because frankly it would not make any sense The other four books are just as thrilling and beautiful as this one, and I think that they are worth reading multiple times I have shared this series with my friends and they both love it too The book is filled with excitement, magic, and romance Tania s love, Edric, comes back to her after leaving [...]

    7. Reviewed by Andrea for TeensReadTooA strange and mysterious illness is taking over the land of Faerie, and a member of the royal family falls ill.Tania must go on a journey to find the cure Her family, and the people of her land, are counting on her The mortal Connor and Rathina, Tania s sister, accompany her on the trip The trio encounter many challenges and surprises they must overcome.Will Tania be able to find the cure Or will she let her people down Wow What a journey There were so many obs [...]

    8. This book, though filled with adventure, suspence, and a tad of romance, was a bit disppointing, knowing that it came from the same series as the Faerie Path Faerie Path and the previous books were brilliantly written, but to be quite blunt, this book was plan boring This is just my opinion, but there should have been More of a darker Edric in this book, because thats how it ended in the previous book, so he should have carried out that characteristic throughout this novel Secondly, too much adv [...]

    9. This series just keeps going on The idea was really great, but not worth six looonnnggg books Three maybe.Thing is, FJ has a great idea for a series, but his writing is bland and longwinded and not paced well The reader can t relate to Tania s struggles, and she s self centered, and there s way too much unnecessary dialogue and description The first book was pretty and neat, but FJ hasn t added anything new worth keeping the story going His romance is also unreal and rather dull.Oh, and the char [...]

    10. Apparently the last 5 books are irrelevant, seeing as how Tania has forgotten EVERYTHING I loved the book, and was on my toes not being able to figure out how it was going to end, and then she wakes up thinking it was all a dream I m slightly annoyed, seeing as how I thought this was the last book But at least I ll have something to read I m eager to see how this series ends Now that she has to start all over, there will probably be 5 books with the exact same plot to them Her having to find ou [...]

    11. Wow What a journey There were so many obstacles for Tania and her traveling mates to overcome There are several surprises in this one Some of the challenges that need to be overcome are unexpected And one member of the group is not completely honest But I won t give away who And once again, there are so many things that I don t want to ruin, that it s hard to review this book I ll just say that I really enjoyed it I flew through it and easily got caught up in the world of Faerie.And the ending I [...]

    12. Sigh this series infuriates me I have read other reviews on this series and most of them are true Yes Jones drags out this story, yes some parts are slow, yet I can t get enough The ending of book 5 made me mad as hell After everything Tania has been through and now this I will have to wait another 2 weeks to get the last book I will give an overall review for the entire series after reading the 6th and final book Know this, book 5 is about a very long quest Lots trials to overcome and baddies t [...]

    13. There has been a lot of questing in the Faerie Path series, but this one seemed to drag on I was hoping Connor Estabrook would have been an interesting addition well no Not so much Oh and the Divine Harper is a git I don t care how he s neither good nor either, he s a git I just didn t find this one all that enjoyable out of all the others Essentially the whole quest was pointless too since nothing that happens here really plays a role in the next book and it does not accomplish what they set ou [...]

    14. omg i cant w8 til the last book comes out i may have lost my first copy of this book but i got another one rite away and finished it up This book was sooo full of drama and adventure and turning on each other I nvr thought that Conner would turn on Tania especially when he says that he loves her that came out of no where I know Frewin meant to leave u hanging but ugh when i finished the book i was sooooo pissed off now he better work on the last book double time cause idk how much longer ill b a [...]

    15. Flowery language and rich realms can only take this series so far I felt like I was just tagging along detachedy through this book I know journies are just as important as the destination in quests thanks for the memo, Dream Weaver, but I already knew that , but this journey starting from book 2 has dragged on too long I ll read the last book to have a hopefully satisfying end to the series, especially after the abrupt cliff hanger ending to this book, and I can only hope it at least maintains c [...]

    16. This book Has already been delivered to McNally Robertson They are waiting for the other book in this series to arrive at the store And then I can go and pick them both upThis book is finally delivered 15th Feb 2011.I finally got the last two books in this series I find the story still quite beleivable, but am growing tired if the format A few pages of tranquility and then action again and tensin I guess that is what young people want.

    17. Despite the cover, this series is an imaginative telling of two worlds Through the story we face danger, friendship, love, loss, and heroism The writing is simple and the story not complex However, I was entertained enough to keep reading and find out the fate of the characters The ending was sweet and actually satisfying, though there are a few things unresolved if the author wanted to add .

    18. I do enjoy this series but I thought this was the last book and to find out there is another book made me fustrated I just want the author to wrap things up the story is dragging on now And to top it all off it ended with the main character losing her memory so now we have to start all over again I liked the romance too but now theres a weird twist to it that makes me sad All and all though I would still recommend this series.

    19. exciting I can t believe it Edric can act so badly here, the story seems to be confusing especially the part when they were out of the faerie realm am puzzled what are people that are outside the realm as I have assumed people outside faerie realm are normal mortal like us instead of having magical powersother cliffhanger ending here

    20. This was really good, I didn t rate it as good as the others because it s the 2nd one in a row to end with a cliffhanger and kind of left me feeling like Haven t we been through this before When will everything be resolved, for crying out loud But good plot and action, with unexpected events and turns.

    21. The fate of Faerie rests on Tania, Rathina, and Conner s shoulders They have embarked on a quest that seems impossible and the dangers insurmountable With the Gildensleep spell woven across Faerie, their powers will be drained even in this crucial time Will they be able to find the cure for the disease ravaging Faerie

    22. This book continues events in the previous volume Tania, and new friends and allies must journey to meet the Dream Weaver Only by obtaining his blessing, and renewing the covenant that grants the faeries immortality can the sickness be stopped This book causes Tania to question those she loves and who she is She must make hard choices to discover the truth.

    23. This book sat on my shelf since last year and I have to say it was worth the wait I loved this book as Tania and her sister search for a way to put a stop towards the illness that had spread throughout the land and on the way, Tania, discovers about herself.

    24. This book was really the most look forward one in the Faerie Path series, in my opinion And I don t really wanna reveal any kind of spoilers or even plot summaries because I want people to figure this book out on their own But I must ask, was anyone else shockd by the ending

    25. the new villian in this is amazing there were bits and pieces that I swear i have read before however there were elements in the story that I remember from a collection of other stories it was very well written and extremely enjoyable

    26. Crazy action Crazy journey Crazy plot twist Crazy cliffhanger I can t wait to see what happens next Lots of s because I loved it that much If you ve read the other four, this is an obvious must read

    27. I m rather amazed that this series is still going strong at book five So many authors can t seem to make fantasy series last beyond a trilogy, but this is still just as good Looking forward to the final book

    28. This series is one of my favorites The twists and turns in this book had me on edge to whole time I actually had to put it down a few times because I was so shocked The characters get so much depth and conflict in this book So intriguing Can t wait to finish the next book

    29. This is an example of how a great series kind of fades was good, but the themes have been fairly exhausted and the characters seem to have forgotten lessons learned and have to change all over again So it was a fine book, just a bit slow.

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