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Herzog By Saul Bellow Philip Roth Herzog This is the story of Moses Herzog a great sufferer joker mourner and charmer Although his life steadily disintegrates around him he has failed as a writer and teacher as a father and has lost th
  • Title: Herzog
  • Author: Saul Bellow Philip Roth
  • ISBN: 9780142437292
  • Page: 382
  • Format: Paperback
  • Herzog By Saul Bellow Philip Roth This is the story of Moses Herzog, a great sufferer, joker, mourner, and charmer Although his life steadily disintegrates around him he has failed as a writer and teacher, as a father, and has lost the affection of his wife to his best friend Herzog sees himself as a survivor, both of his private disasters and those of the age He writes unsent letters to friends andThis is the story of Moses Herzog, a great sufferer, joker, mourner, and charmer Although his life steadily disintegrates around him he has failed as a writer and teacher, as a father, and has lost the affection of his wife to his best friend Herzog sees himself as a survivor, both of his private disasters and those of the age He writes unsent letters to friends and enemies, colleagues and famous people, revealing his wry perception of the world and the innermost secrets of his heart.
    Herzog By Saul Bellow Philip Roth

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      Saul Bellow Philip Roth

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    1. Saul Bellow Philip Roth

      Saul Bellow was born in Lachine, Quebec, a suburb of Montreal, in 1915, and was raised in Chicago He attended the University of Chicago, received his Bachelor s degree from Northwestern University in 1937, with honors in sociology and anthropology, did graduate work at the University of Wisconsin, and served in the Merchant Marine during World War II.Mr Bellow s first novel, Dangling Man, was published in 1944, and his second, The Victim, in 1947 In 1948 he was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship and spent two years in Paris and traveling in Europe, where he began The Adventures of Augie March,, which won the National Book Award for fiction in 1954 Later books include Seize The Day 1956 , Henderson The Rain King 1959 , Herzog 1964 , Mosby s Memoirs and Other Stories 1968 , and Mr Sammler s Planet 1970 Humboldt s Gift 1975 , was awarded the Pulitzer Prize Both Herzog and Mr Sammler s Planet were awarded the National Book Award for fiction Mr Bellow s first non fiction work, To Jerusalem and Back A Personal Account, published on October 25,1976, is his personal and literary record of his sojourn in Israel during several months in 1975.In 1965 Mr Bellow was awarded the International Literary Prize for Herzog, becoming the first American to receive the prize In January 1968 the Republic of France awarded him the Croix de Chevalier des Arts et Lettres, the highest literary distinction awarded by that nation to non citizens, and in March 1968 he received the B nai B rith Jewish Heritage Award for excellence in Jewish literature , and in November 1976 he was awarded the America s Democratic Legacy Award of the Anti Defamation League of B nai B rith, the first time this award was made to a literary personage.A playwright as well as a novelist, Saul Bellow was the author of The Last Analysis and of three short plays, collectively entitled Under the Weather, which were produced on Broadway in 1966 He contributed fiction to Partisan Review, Playboy, Harper s Bazaar, The New Yorker, Esquire, and to literary quarterlies His criticism appeared in The New York Times Book Review, Horizon, Encounter, The New Republic, The New Leader, and elsewhere During the 1967 Arab lsraeli conflict, he served as a war correspondent for Newsday He taught at Bard College, Princeton University, and the University of Minnesota, and was a member of the Committee on Social Thought at the University of Chicago.

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    1. Dear Saul,I m afraid it s over I can no longer have you on my favorite authors list No, no let go of F Scott s sleeve You re only making this harder than it needs to be I want to tell you how much I loved Henderson the Rain King One of my favorites It was so full of wit and energy Then I had to go and read this piece of crap, Herzog Whereas Henderson was an adventure, this was just a big long bitch session Hey, give Borges back his cane Yes, fine maybe it s me In fact I m sure it is Just like so [...]

    2. Herzog is one of Bellow s most enduring characters and this is one of his best books When not screwing up his life, his letters to people real, dead and imaginary kept me laughing the entire time I loved how despite everything, there is a feeling of exuberance about life in this book and it made me want to go back and read it again in a year Highly entertaining, there is never a dull moment and lots and lots of humor I would say for those that have not read Bellow that this is an excellent jumpi [...]

    3. During the time I was reading Herzog, NPR coincidentally ran one of its You Must Read This pieces, this one by Jeffrey Eugenides and touting Saul Bellow s novel In the piece, Eugenides says There s a little thing I do when I can t write When I m feeling sleepy, when my head is in a fog, I reach across my desk, digging under the piles of unanswered mail, to unearth my copy of Herzog by Saul Bellow And then I open the book anywhere and read a paragraph.It always works Right away I m restored to fu [...]

    4. This book has warts oh, does it have warts Like Moses Herzog himself, this book is marred and marked with warts But it is a book of genius nonetheless and not just in parts, but in whole in scope and in depth I rarely write reviews about fiction I m not a literary type One of the very few I ve written worth reading is that of The Sun Also Rises Fiction is not amenable to the type of analysis that comes most naturally to me Besides, I ve only been reading fiction, after a long hiatus, for a year [...]

    5. The Noble LionMoses Herzog is an academic, an individual who is used to seeing himself as a prince, a noble, a patrician, a patriarch He s not a plebeian He s not upwardly mobile He believes he s already at the peak He s somebody who stands out from the crowd He has dignity.He displays the pride of the peacock, the lust of the goat, and the wrath of the lion Of these three characteristics, the most significant is that he is leonine the ultimate compliment Saul Bellow would ever pay anyone, as he [...]

    6. Most of us have one big advantage over rich people and fictional characters when it comes to dealing with our personal issues For example, look at Moses Herzog in this book Herzog goes through an ugly divorce, and his circumstances allow him to wallow in his misery and behave erratically for months I m sure any of us in similar circumstances would like to put our lives on hold as we picked at our emotional scabs while ignoring our jobs and taking trips across Europe However, most of us don t get [...]

    7. To all the people that watched my brave struggle with this book I dedicate this review to you.I have really mixed feelings about this one Was it an absolute struggle to read Did I fall asleep after a page or two many times Was I wishing I was reading something else, something were things actually happened, like, I don t know say The Dark Desires Of the Druids III Desert and Destiny The answer to all these questions is yes.Now, was I reading it with a pencil in my hand underlining sentences so I [...]

    8. Considering that it s a novel with nothing you could call a plot, Herzog is an inexhaustible book It touches on elemental human relationships sexual, familial, social and spins off into lofty philosophical debates, reflections on civilization, on the meaning of death, and on the American experience It tempts a reader into close analysis while at the same time mocking such analysis Moses Herzog is at once the most meticulously observed of characters and the most impossible to grasp as a whole.It [...]

    9. Moses Herzog is Saul Bellow s avatar The writer speaks through his character To judge Herzog is to judge Bellow I won t do it I will just say that to read such autobiographical fiction you need to know the writer s personal life, not only the writer s past that shaped this novel about failure but also the writer s future after the book s enormous success, his later achievements, struggles and passions Ok, I ll tell you my opinion about Moses Herzog Herzog is a really annoying guy, a macho intell [...]

    10. Pray tell me, Sir, whose dog are you What is the world for the intellectual The playground of his ideas or the hell of his emotions For Moses Hezog, a forty seven year old former Professor in a mid life crisis it is certainly both Recently gone through a messy divorce and the tragi comedy of a marital triangle, the hero looks for the cathartic liberation from this emotional ballast in two ways by writing letters to acquaintances and strangers, to the living and the dead, and by remembering the p [...]

    11. This is rightly perceived to be a classic 4.5 stars , published in 1964 Written well before Bellow became the curmudgeonly conservative of his older age, when he attacked multiculturalism and post modernism, it was a joy to read.It concerns the mid life crisis of Moses Elkanah Herzog when his second wife Madeleine elects to end their marriage and start a relationship with Herzog s best friend Valentine Moses writes letters to and about all those involved letters that are never posted and also to [...]

    12. For a while Saul Bellow seemed poised to become one of the 20th century s most famous authors, but he seems to have faded into the second tier nowadays He doesn t have the visceral power of Steinbeck, Wright or Baldwin, or the technical ambition of Faulkner or Woolf he just writes good books Maybe that cost him My reaction to Augie March was, well, there s certainly nothing wrong with this book, nor is it going to change my life That s a good book, I thought Moving on And now here s Herzog, Bell [...]

    13. This is impeccable writing of the highest order and a reading experience I simply will not forget.But it was never an enjoyable read, how could it be, as the main focal point Moses Herzog is such a depressing and bewildering figure to spend time with , dwelling on the past of failed marriages and writing letters to people that he never intends to send As Moses is a writer and teacher Herzog does take a the philosophical approach with it s narrative, and Herzog himself is such a deeply drawn char [...]

    14. I believe this is the third Saul Bellow book, that I have read, after Augie March and Henderson.Say what you might about the man and his stories, but of all the great writers that this country produces, Saul Bellow, remains among its top tier.Few can write as well as he can.The story is about his doppelganger, Moses Herzog, originally from Canada, with much of his life spent in Chicago and New York, the Berkshires.It takes place during the mid nineteen sixties Herzog is a good looking man and an [...]

    15. Pero cu l es la filosof a de esta generaci n No que Dios ha muerto Eso ya ha dejado de decirse desde hace mucho tiempo Quiz deba decirse ahora que la Muerte es Dios La generaci n actual cree este es un gran pensamiento que nada que sea fidedigno, vulnerable y fr gil puede durar ni tener verdadera fuerza La Muerte espera estas cosas lo mismo que un suelo de cemento espera a una bombilla que est a punto de caerse El brillante caparaz n de cristal pierde con un estallido su peque o vac o y eso es t [...]

    16. Tante, troppe cose ci sarebbero da dire su un libro come questo, e tante di queste saranno state di sicuro gi dette Io, nel mio piccolo, mi limito a tirar gi le mie due o tre impressioni, quelle che vanno al di l della primissima constatazione, ossia che Herzog un capolavoro o almeno lo per me, ma so di non esser solo Ecco, uno, quando scrive un affermazione del genere, poi costretto a doverla spiegare e io, che in questo caso non riesco ad argomentare con chiarezza, mi limiter a dire che Saul B [...]

    17. Untruth in her troth sallowed the language, sullied a certain conjugation how she liedas she lay with me Apparently her monogamy was too close to monotony From Cuckoldom, B.J Ward A man is only as good as what he loves Saul BellowWhile Herzog doesn t center on the misdeeds of Moses Herzog s second ex wife and his former colleague friend her now husband, Herzog s being shamelessly cuckolded by them has played a significant role in who Moses Herzog has come to be an unstable college professor who [...]

    18. Novels without chapters bug me.Herzog had some sort of dissection sometimes the prose would be cut, only to be continued a couple spaces below It still seemed vague and disorganized to me, having been for so long used to chapters and clear division.I read a measly 18% of this book, and this is what I have to show for it This book was extremely hard for me to review I m still not completely sure I have a finished opinion on it It had been on my to read list forever And it s long been on the corne [...]

    19. Li at meio, com muita calma mas sem convic o, da em diante li na diagonal N o estou no modo certo para esta leitura, talvez noutra altura, ou noutra vida Bellow tem todas as qualidades de um Nobel erudito, denso, entrosado, rico e bastante resistente O tema deste livro at interessante, e a abordagem introspe o questionadora tamb m, mas enreda se demais, perde se em descri es n o fornecendo propriamente motiva o narrativa.

    20. The plot is slight Basically, Moses Herzog, a 47 year old man living in the early 1960s in New York and Chicago, an academic, a grandson of immigrants, has done okay, as long as he was in a stable marriage while having affairs whenever opportunity and desire presented itself He is not doing okay now, though, because he fell into love and infatuation and married the object of them, ditching the first wife Now wife no 2 has manipulated, used, and left him for a best friend In the course of that, s [...]

    21. Um livro que me deu muita luta Agrade o lhe por isso caro Sr Moses E Herzog.Esta a auto an lise obsessiva de um homem procura de um rumo, um rumo que fatalmente encontra nas mulheres, um equ voco ao qual regressa sempre como se fosse um retorno ao tero materno A tragicom dia de Herzog.Herzog busca tranquilidade num mundo corrompido, num mundo que o encara como insano e escreve compulsivamente cartas sobre tudo e sobre nada para criar um ponto de equil brio e estabilidade na sua vida desmoronada [...]

    22. Ah, la magniloquenza dell autogiustificazione, pens Herzog Che genio sapeva suscitare nei mortali, perfino in quelli con il naso pi rosso.Ah, poveretto e Herzog per un momento si un al mondo obiettivo, e da quell altezza guard gi , a se stesso Anche lui poteva sorridere di Herzog e disprezzarlo Ma rimaneva sempre il fatto Io sono Herzog Io sono obbligato a essere quest uomo Nessun altro pu esserlo al posto mio.Mentre parlavo con una cara amica dell ultimo film di Woody Allen, all uscita dal cine [...]

    23. Man, I just want to give Moses Herzog a hug Any real review I could give would be a simple disservice to this wonderful novel, but this is one of the best stories I ve read in a while, I genuinely didn t want it to be over as I was turning its last pages Bellow s prose is beautiful, and I couldn t find a lazy sentence in the entire book The characters are real and broken and loveable, and I will be sure to visit them again soon.

    24. Herzog editada por Galaxia Gutenberg, con traducci n de Vicente Campos, convirti a Saul Bellow en un escritor famoso y millonario y lo puso en el camino del Nobel, que obtendr a en 1976 Algo sorprendente dado que Herzog no se me antoja como una novela f cil, ni un bestseller al uso.Herzog a d a de hoy es ya todo un personaje en el mundo de la literatura La figura de ese profesor de filosof a en crisis, delirante, cuya angustia existencial puede abocarlo al nihilismo, empecinado en escribir misiv [...]

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