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Angelology By Danielle Trussoni Angelology Abandoned as a Child on the steps of St Rose Convent in New York Evangeline Cacciatore grew up knowing little of her parents Assisting a scholar in the convent one day she uncovers a disturbning secr
  • Title: Angelology
  • Author: Danielle Trussoni
  • ISBN: 9780670021475
  • Page: 335
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Angelology By Danielle Trussoni Abandoned as a Child on the steps of St Rose Convent in New York Evangeline Cacciatore grew up knowing little of her parents Assisting a scholar in the convent one day, she uncovers a disturbning secret conected to her family.
    Angelology By Danielle Trussoni

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      Danielle Trussoni

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    1. Danielle Trussoni

      Danielle Trussoni is a bestselling memoirist and novelist, with books translated into over thirty languages.Her new book, forthcoming in September 2016, is THE FORTRESS, a memoir about the disintegration of her marriage in the South of France.Trussoni wrote the award winning memoir FALLING THROUGH THE EARTH 2006 about her relationship with her father It was chosen as one of the Best Ten Books of the Year by The New York Times.She then went on to write the NYT and Internationally bestselling novels ANGELOLOGY 2010 and ANGELOPOLIS 2013.

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    1. Over the years, I ve received student papers so awful, I m tempted to just write, Nice font choice and move on For Trussoni s sad book, my comment is Nice cover Fetching, isn t it However, what a surprise.Not one of my GR friends has any mention of this book not a review, not a to be read, and definitely not a wishlist pick Gee I wonder why Several reasons come to mind Overall, the book is a half witted concoction clearly written in the hopes that it would become a movie, or rather the first in [...]

    2. This one kept losing stars as it went The broad concept was really interesting, excerpting one of those weird bits of the bible and making it the basis for an otherworldly, fantastical story But the characters are flat and the writing is dull most of the first half of the book is scenes of people doing research, and we get to read right along with them as they examine ancient historical texts and first hand accounts of angelic encounters This is about as exciting as reading a musty old history t [...]

    3. Honestly, if I could give it 3.5 stars, I would Since I can t, I m rounding up, as a gesture towards giving the author the benefit of the doubt, expecting that the next book will be better.Angelology is a mixed bag Personally, I find angel lore, and other mythologies, fascinating, and I thoroughly enjoyed the mix of Judeo Christian and Greek myth, Talmudic scholarship and discussion of the Book of Enoch a personal favorite The subject of the Nephilim has intrigued me since I first read Madeline [...]

    4. I am so glad I found this on audiobook at the library It turned out to be a very good medium for this story I have to say that for a slow starter, I really got drawn into this book, and when it ended, I had separation anxiety Two things kept me from giving this a five star rating 1 The slow, meandering start I was initially thinking, uh oh, this might turn out to be a real snoozer Boy was I wrong 2 The ending was a cliffie that really got my blood pressure up I didn t like the way this novel con [...]

    5. Welle cover is FABULOUS.Ok guys, I will admit it I don t like nuns I mean, not on a PERSONAL level, but their world view is not compelling in a general fictional sense, and they ve always bugged me since one of my first acting classes when I had to play Agnes of God in a scene, and I remember I spilled Coke on myself during the performance and broke character and got yelled at So this could be my personal problem with one of the main characters that is skewing my opinion Because she s a nun To b [...]

    6. When you read as much as I do, it is rare to come across a totally unique story Angelology is that rare gem.This book has almost every element a great book should offer multi faceted, fascinating characters, an exciting, complex, layered plot, and really excellent writing The story is a tapestry of interwoven storylines, that includes history, religion, philosophy, art, puzzles, and scavenger hunts.The story revolves around Sister Evangeline, a young nun, who has been part of the Franciscan Sist [...]

    7. All 452 pages of it Yup.I had issues with this book from the first page The writing ist good I know Trussoni went to Iowa which is usually a yardstick of some kind and she wrote an acclaimed memoir before this, and this very book is a NY Times Notable Book of 2010 So you d think she d write a good sentence But no The book is full to bursting with things like Verlaine stared at her, flabbergasted at what this otherwise rational woman had just said and The chaos of people slogging through the slus [...]

    8. Dare I say it Yes, I dare say Angelology by Danielle Trussoni is the heir to Elizabeth Kostova s The Historian Angelology is a breathtaking story of ambitious scope good vs evil, man vs fallen angels, Nazis, Greek mythology, the Bible, Milton Angelology owes much to Paradise Lost And the heroine is a nun gotta love it Sister Evangeline is leading a quiet life of prayer in a convent situated in Milton, New York, when she receives a letter from Paul Verlaine asking for access to the convent s arch [...]

    9. GahI wanted to like this book so much Its premise is so fascinating, but it s execution is like being trapped in a coffin with a rich, old dead woman one who is wearing enough perfume to clear a street riot and having to listen to her talk about her less than exciting life as a nun.You know there are some exciting parts somewhere if only she d stop blathering on about the absolute stupidest details, like the color of the typewriter she used to respond to some man s letter or the size of the flow [...]

    10. Prologue In which I apologize to the people who like this bookI d like to apologize for what you re about to read I know you really enjoyed this and you thought it was just an amazing fantasy epic on par with say Dan Brown s The Da Vinci Code Me I should have known better then to read a book that had words like if you loved The Da Vinci Code on the back cover My feelings about The Da Vinci Code and Dan Brown cannot be fully expressed in words but it s very difficult to spell out primal screams o [...]

    11. Angelology is not a Biblical based novel, it is an adventure in an imaginary world It combines angels and ancient myths and interweaves them into a contemporary setting This novel is a struggle between good and evil, between Nephilim angels of the earth and Human beings It is a story of magic, and struggle, and hope We watch as Evangeline, who grew up in a convent, encounters a world and a life she never knew existed We are introduced to that world with her, and find ourselves suspending our dis [...]

    12. When my friend Deb told me she was reading a book called Angelology, and that I had to read it, too, I was skeptical I mean, it sounded like some funky new age treatise, and secretly, I was worried about what chemicals might be misfiring in her brain Then she began to describe the plot, and even before she gave me the book, I was hooked.Imagine a world where angels walk beside us, not as mystical guardians but as immortal or as near to it as makes little difference preter natural beings with hug [...]

    13. This book did not live up to the hype It s Dan Brown with a slightly better editor The book is split into three sections The first section was ok The author did a good job of introducing the families and the specific players The second section set up the action and gave a history of what the characters were searching for There were parts of this section that were interesting, specifically the trip to Bulgaria The third section, was the most similar to a Dan Brown book It was rushed new character [...]

    14. It is hard to rate this story because there were parts that were very interesting and exciting, yet there were parts that were very slow where I fell a sleep.I loved the story line but I didn t like how it ended to much, I was looking for a happy ending with some romance involved This book totally left you hanging in the end so that you will find out the rest of the story in the second bookere are so many things that happen in the story but I liked all the characters especially the main ones Per [...]

    15. Nope Not happening I can t even make it to page 100 I am absolutely bored senseless Danielle Trussoni s Angelology is a mess There s probably a story there somewhere, but I just don t have the energy to dig through all the long winded descriptions, the flashbacks, and the fictional historical research I also have zero interest in any of the characters NONE of them I don t care about Evangeline, Verlaine, Grigori, the mystery that needs to be solved Nothing has me at all thinking Gee, I wonder wh [...]

    16. Tinha este livro para ler j a bastante tempo Finalmente resolvi pegar nele e a sua leitura criou me v rios sentimentos Gostei do tema, da hist ria e da maneira como foi abordado Mas por outro lado, foi exaustivo demais Por vezes perdia me nas descri es que eram feitas, sobre o tema em si De qualquer forma quero ler o livro seguinte e perceber como esta saga vai continuar

    17. Ugh, i ll try to be nice.1 too detail By God, I didn t even read all of it, the words can t keep my mind focus on the world building which was very weak btw All that descriptions on the desk, the wrinkled face, the feelings, the mundane little things Torturing.2 weak characterization There s no difference between the characters I didn t like all of them I didn t care if they died or alive How sad was that 3 too many gibberish Seriously, all that explanation, the stories about the past It was rep [...]

    18. Ok, I got to page 100 last night before I gave up I was reading it during the commercials during Glee, with Beck s Loser stuck in my head thanks to the episode, and I just gave up I can t believe the author could take so little happening and stretch it out to 100 pages of tiny print I don t need every thought that goes through the character s mind There is so much telling in this book, so many infodumps The dialogue was in paragraphs This could ve been so good, too Ugh.

    19. The only reason I didn t give this book one star was because the concept was intriguing and it s clear the author did her research.But between the truly horrible writing and editorial neglect, this book was almost painful to read The only reason I even finished it was to see if I could.I don t even know where to begin with the myriad inconsistencies and sloppiness of this story, which could have been told in half the time if the writer had not gone to infuriating pains to describe in mind numbin [...]

    20. I gave this two stars because that indicates it was okay I have mixed feelings about it The writer is an outside the box thinker and has a brilliant vocabulary She created an entire society in this book, fascinating journals and interesting ancient religious artifacts in the story The story takes place over two days, with a side story of a past event taking up a good chunk of the book The side story was interesting in and of itself and would have made a good book The book depticts a world battle [...]

    21. Angelology, delusione il tuo secondo nome.Gi , devo dire di essere rimasta enormemente delusa da questo romanzo Le premesse parevano interessanti nel mondo che conosciamo si combatte da sempre una guerra tra i Nefilim o Nephilim , i figli degli Angeli, da una parte e gli angelologi dall altra I primi vorrebbero la supremazia totale sugli uomini, i secondi vorrebbero cortesemente impedirglielo Peccato che l unica cosa interessante di questo libro rimanga proprio questo La premessa.La storia si di [...]

    22. REVIEWED BY AMANDA Reviewed by AmandaYou may or may not have heard read seen the hype surrounding this book It has already been tipped to be a best seller by the media.Reading the back cover blurb I was really excited to get the chance to read this book before the release date It sounded like a great read and that was before I read the hype, by the way I believe the story has already been optioned as a movie This is Danielle Trussoni s debut fiction novel, she already has a much acclaimed non fi [...]

    23. There was a lot of buzz about this I wasn t all that thrilled about the angel aspect or the secret history revealed part that seemed to appeal to others, but I gave it a try What got me to keep reading was that the protagonist works in a library, and that s where she discovers the letter that eventually brings everything into the light What can I say But I had to overcome a slow opening where Evangeline the names were a little heavy handed looks at herself in a mirror, and goes through her slow [...]

    24. So well written, so beautifully researched and documented, so lovely in its narrative scope, Danielle Trussoni s Angelology is a spectacular summer read This novel is ideal for individuals interested in religious histories, art, and tradition, especially that associated with world Christian faith, and the struggle between good and evil on earth Most masterful in this book was its historical breadth and nuance I learned so much even as I was whisked into a world where angels reside and bring abou [...]

    25. I won this book through First Reads I was never quite clear on where this story was going, and the ending seemed abrupt and to come out of nowhere I liked it, but I just didn t think it fit with the rest of the book There were really interesting passages throughout and bits of elegant writing, but I couldn t help but think of The Da Vinci Code which I never read and The Historian which I hated Fans of those books will surely love Angelology As for me, I thought the characters were somewhat flat [...]

    26. I would definitely recommend this book It read like non fiction Like the events were really happening or could happen Isn t that the goal of any fiction author To make the story so believable that you find yourself googling names and events There were times when too many facts and names were thrown out Times when I found myself skipping ahead to the action, but in the end, all those facts are what made the story so believable.

    27. I d actually give this 4 1 2 stars I really enjoyed this one it kept my interest throughout I am surprised this got such low ratings because it was really quite good I guess everyone has different opinions There are a few books out there that some people gave high ratings to that I didn t care for at all A few examples are The Gunslinger, Sharp Objects, The Pagan Stone, The Time Traveler s Wife In my opinion, these were terrible Okay, back to Angelology I have had this book on my bookshelf for q [...]

    28. Adding this book to my great concept interesting subject matter, poor execution list I so wanted to like this book Dark angels, Nephilim, secret societies fighting through the ages tied to a modern mystery But the writing is so heavy handed and overly florid it s genuine work to soldier on through to the good bits Not to mention jarring shifts in voice, POV and timelines Constantly spelling out exactly what a character s thinking or how they re interpreting something isn t good writing Instead o [...]

    29. Holy Christ, but this was pedantic If not for the fact that I ve blood oathed myself into reading every single book on my TBR, this one would so have never made the cut Seriously This is crap The writing is pretentious and smells heavily of Thesaurus and is extremely uninspiring The plot is basically a jumble of cliches that have no impact and ultimately does nothing with whatever potential it had.Oh, and also, this happened on page 362 The sight was so terrible that Evangeline caught her breath [...]

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