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Shadow Over Kiriath By Karen Hancock Shadow Over Kiriath After months of conflict and opposition Abramm Kalladorne has finally stepped into his destiny as king of Kiriath only to find himself facing problems than ever The Mataio remains antagonistic the f
  • Title: Shadow Over Kiriath
  • Author: Karen Hancock
  • ISBN: 9780764227967
  • Page: 333
  • Format: Paperback
  • Shadow Over Kiriath By Karen Hancock After months of conflict and opposition, Abramm Kalladorne has finally stepped into his destiny as king of Kiriath only to find himself facing problems than ever The Mataio remains antagonistic, the failed rebellion s supporters have slipped through his grasp to plot anew, bad luck plagues his every attempt to build Kiriath s defensesd that s just the beginningAfter months of conflict and opposition, Abramm Kalladorne has finally stepped into his destiny as king of Kiriath only to find himself facing problems than ever The Mataio remains antagonistic, the failed rebellion s supporters have slipped through his grasp to plot anew, bad luck plagues his every attempt to build Kiriath s defensesd that s just the beginning.As the forces of the Black Moon advance toward Kiriathan shores, Abramm agrees to a desperately needed alliance by marriage with neighboring Chesedh But with the hour for his union approaching, he is horrified to discover that he has become dangerously attracted to his fianc e s younger sister, the headstrong Lady Madeleine Even worse, he learns that his attraction is reciprocated just the sort of situation his enemies can use to destroy everything he s trying to accomplish And Eidon just might let them succeed.Treachery and faithfulness, guilt and forgiveness, the joy of desires fulfilled and the pain of tragic loss all weave the tapestry of one man s destiny realized where mind boggling blessings come wrapped in a mantle of suffering that will test Abramm s faith to the limit and challenge everything he thinks he knows about himself and the one who owns his soul.
    Shadow Over Kiriath By Karen Hancock

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      Karen Hancock Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Shadow Over Kiriath book, this is one of the most wanted Karen Hancock author readers around the world.

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    1. Move over Edward, you have been replaced by Abramm Kalladorne I didn t think Christian fiction would have the courage to be this seductive, but it did But unlike the obsessive love between Bella and Edward, we see the grown up power of love and attraction and its pull even when it is forbidden If you are looking for a Christian alternative to Twilight, this is it Like Twilight, it is clean but still powerful, proving once again you don t need graphic details to be sexy.As with the other two nove [...]

    2. I really, really wanted to give this book 5 stars, and I would have if not for how the book jumps ahead in time about four years towards the end I hate time jumps in books for any reason, no matter how much sense they make within the overall story It just felt awkward, disjointed, and out of place.That said, few books have ever tugged on my emotions quite like this one in fact, the same can be said for all the books in this series Some scenes have even moved me to tears As Abramm is finally crow [...]

    3. I m continuing to re read Legends of the Guardian King, one of my favourite fantasy series This particular book is full of political intrigue as Abramm is finally on the throne At times it s almost frustrating to read how, despite his successes, there is still such opposition to his rule Politics, even in fantasy stories, has a way of frustrating me slightly because it always feels a little too close to the truth corruption and power struggles remind me all too much of African politicians But st [...]

    4. The third book in this quartet, Abramm is crowned King, but this is scarcely a victory, as he has much to do to make his country good It contains the development of his relationship with Madeleine, and his ongoing battle with the Southern countries.This series is so riveting I got nothing done until I had finished it This book did not disappoint

    5. After taking a post book 2 hiatus of a few months from this series due to my uneasy feelings regarding its labeling as christian fantasy see earlier reviews , I decided I was ready to read and enjoy it again sans hebegeebees And while I was successful for the most part in putting my own prejudices aside, I would have given it five starts if not for the heavy religious influence, because it is truly a well written story I did find that as oppose to the previous two books, this one felt a little [...]

    6. This book, by far, was my favorite of the entire series I often find that I adore books that emotionally devastate me, and friends, that is exactly what happened in this case SPOILER ALERT DO NOT CONTINUE READING UNLESS YOU WISH TO RUIN YOUR LIFE In this book we follow King Abramm of Kiriath as he navigates growing dangers starting to boil behind the scenes and we also follow Lady Madeleine as she struggles with a strong love that is not reciprocated, all along both of our protagonists are fight [...]

    7. The continuing story of Abramm as he starts to rule his kingdom, under goes his coronation, deals with the Esurhite invasion and faces his upcoming arranged marriage I ve struggled with this series for awhile, at moments I really enjoy it, like most of this book and then Ms Hancock made a bad decision I understand the reason for the extreme suffering for the main characters, however, that should have been the next book not the end of this book This book should have ended on page 402 just before [...]

    8. Shadow Over Kiriath is the third of the four books of the Guardian King series Though I really like the series, this one I would have to say is my least favorite book Like all of this author s books, it s very well written But The book opens with Abramm s coronation, which is really the high point for him, and for all of Kiriath From that point on, Abramm s fortunes decline, while his enemies grow ever dangerous and potent And by the end well, not to spoil things, but it s dismal Too dismal to [...]

    9. I m still reading it, but know that it has at the very least a 4.5 rating because right now I want to kill it I still have maybe a third or less of the book left, and I know it will be fixed by the end, but for me to be enough into it that I m mad enough to want to kill itat says something.Just thought I d let y all in on the update Alright, yeah, it s going down to a 4.3 rating because the four years later thing seemeda bit tacked on when I started reading it And I know that the ending s good a [...]

    10. Another excellent book from Ms Hancock Her telling of each characters journey to Eidon is well told and suspenseful She does it so well that with each scene you go into it wondering if this will be the time when the character forsakes it all and gives into evil It is not a foregone conclusion that they will chose the right path and the reader sits there and prays that the character will.Ms Hancock has skillfully crafted the scenes so that the reader knows exactly what the character is feeling an [...]

    11. WOW What an emotional ride Full of romance, shocking twists, action, and, most importantly, lessons of living for Eidon, even in the midst of great trials When I got to a certain potential happy ending , I was scared to move on Finally, I did I don t want to spoil it, but I will say this Abramm s struggles with his feelings for Maddie, with the Mattio, and with the Armies of the Black Moon were just the beginning Yet Abramm and his friends will have to trust in Eidon in their darkest paths, that [...]

    12. Equal parts romance, political subterfuge, and spiritual warfare, Shadow Over Kiriath wades unabashedly into the waters of faith based questions How do we relinquish our guilt and accept the grace that is offered What is the right way to respond to suffering and most importantly, How far are we willing to go, and what are we willing to give up, in order to remain true to the One who purchased our souls Shadow takes us once into the realm of Kiriath, and as the shadow of the Esurhites spreads fa [...]

    13. I loved this whole series, but this book was probably my favorite Abramm is rather dense, which made the romantic bit of this book a little frustrating at times, but it was worth it in the end Trap s character gets development in this book, which is nice, because he s one of my favorites I also liked the little interludes here and there from the point of view of the Rhu ema demons as they plot to ruin Abramm s life again As for the end of this book, it was very sad, which makes this installment [...]

    14. I still want to read the 4th book in this series, but I must say that this one felt a lot slower and kept my attention less well than the previous two I like the story that Hancock has crafted and the tension she imbibes in the relationship between Abrahm and Maddie, but it went on too long with such obvious places in the narrative where the logic was thrown out the window in order to push the inevitable out further The ending however definitely leaves the reader with nowhere to turn but the nex [...]

    15. Oh but that was a ride An emotional one I thought I wouldn t be able to read that part when, I won t spoil.Abramm Kaladorne has obviously not yet seen the end of his trials and I find that his God is a bit cruel Yes, I shall give you blessings beyond imagining but what if you suffered a lot bit first That s the part I find disturbing Anyway It did not prevent me from devouring this book in 1 day which I found even better than the first 2.I just cannot wait to see what happens next to our hero an [...]

    16. This book and series is one of my all time favorite, and I highly recommend it The author does an amazing job showing the difference between the faith in Christ and faith in religion The knowledgeable you are about God, His Word, and church history, the things you ll recognize in this series But even if you re not that knowledgeable of them, you ll wind up learning a lot by the end as things will become clear The story is exciting, the characters so well developed you ll feel like you ve alway [...]

    17. The quality of the writing was pretty high in this book, but it was too strangely organized to earn a fourth star The first three quarters of the book was written as a romantic story with emotional tragedy and very limited political intrigue and action At the 75% mark, the story seems to end, but then completely switches gears into a full blown action and political intrigue story This last quarter should have been the beginning of the next book, not the end of this one.

    18. This book was as intriguing as the ones before it, and, if it is possible, I enjoyed it The plot and the characters are real and I felt as though I was truly there This book is a must read in the Christian allegory section, but I do not recommend allowing anyone under fifteen to read it, due to the content of the book It is rated adult, and it does have some content that would be inappropriate for anyone under that Apart from that, the book is highly commendable.

    19. Although this book took me a little while longer to get into than the first two, the characters and tale are gripping I was slightly disappointed because it seemed there were a few gaps in the storyline It didn t leave me confused, but I wish the gaps had been filled in with story instead of just jumping from plotline to plotline The allegory is beautiful and spiritual truths are unearthed and come alive in this beautiful story.

    20. I was really frustrated at the end of this book The spritual insights are, as always, strong The writing is well enough, but these things should really be able to wrap up in a trilogy The story line especially that of the love story began to seem manipulated in order to write another book.

    21. Captivating The series The Legend of the Guardian King has 4 books Each book has great characters, detailed descriptions, and plot twists You will love every word If you like fantasy, love stories, action, drama, politics, life at court, and Jesus, you will love this story.

    22. One of my favorite books I got so involved in reading this book and being a part of this world that I picked up and started saying thus like, thank Eidon I love the characters and the building if who they are with each fast moving book.

    23. I m loving this series Really LOVING them This one didn t flow as well as the others, but was still great Too bad this author doesn t have 20 other books she s already written that I can dive into.

    24. Slower Pace This story, unlike the first two is much internal With the exception of a few parts, I found the pacing very slow I wanted of the action that filled the first two books.

    25. If sucking me in and not letting me put it down is any way to rate a book, this one gets 5 stars There were parts of this book I liked less than book 2, but overall, it was great, and I m already itching to read the next one

    26. Back to the compelling reading of Volume 1 after the flat Volume 2 We care about the characters and what happens to them and their challenges.

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