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Hidden By P.C. Cast Kristin Cast Hidden At last Zoey has what she wanted the truth is out Neferet s evil has been exposed and the High Council is no longer on her side but she s far from done wreaking havoc in the vampyre world First a m
  • Title: Hidden
  • Author: P.C. Cast Kristin Cast
  • ISBN: 9780312594428
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Hidden By P.C. Cast Kristin Cast At last, Zoey has what she wanted the truth is out Neferet s evil has been exposed, and the High Council is no longer on her side but she s far from done wreaking havoc in the vampyre world First, a mysterious fire ravages the stables Then, Neferet makes a devastating move that will test them all.With the seeds of distrust sown and Darkness breeding chaos at the HousAt last, Zoey has what she wanted the truth is out Neferet s evil has been exposed, and the High Council is no longer on her side but she s far from done wreaking havoc in the vampyre world First, a mysterious fire ravages the stables Then, Neferet makes a devastating move that will test them all.With the seeds of distrust sown and Darkness breeding chaos at the House of Night, everyone must band together but that s proving to be difficult than ever before The twins are barely speaking and the House of Night s former enemy, Kalona, has now become their warrior, pushing their trust to the limit To top it off, Zoey is pretty darn sure she might be losing her mind She saw something when she looked at Aurox through the Seer Stone that she can hardly explain to herself, let alone her friends Is it possible that Heath has come back in a different form Is that why Zoey s so intrigued by Aurox, when it s so obvious that he s dangerous And who would believe her if she told them Zoey knows that following her instinct about Aurox might be just what they need to defeat evil but if she s wrong, it could cause the destruction of those closest to her.With the tension at a breaking point and friendships on the line, can the nerd herd come together to stop the spread of Darkness before it s too late
    Hidden By P.C. Cast Kristin Cast

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    1. P.C. Cast Kristin Cast

      PC was born in the Midwest, and grew up being shuttled back and forth between Illinois and Oklahoma, which is where she fell in love with Quarter Horses and mythology at about the same time After high school, she joined the United States Air Force and began public speaking and writing After her tour in the USAF, she taught high school for 15 years before retiring to write full time PC is a 1 New York Times and 1 USA Today Best Selling author and a member of the Oklahoma Writers Hall of Fame Her novels have been awarded the prestigious Oklahoma Book Award, YALSA Quick Pick for Reluctant Readers, Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award, the Prism, Holt Medallion, Daphne du Maurier, Booksellers Best, and the Laurel Wreath PC is an experienced teacher and talented speaker Ms Cast lives in Oregon near her fabulous daughter, her adorable pack of dogs, her crazy Maine Coon, and a bunch of horses House of Night Other World, book 1, LOVED, releases July 11th SUN WARRIOR, book 2 in the Tales of a New World series releases October 17th.

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    1. BEFORE YOU READ THIS REVIEW Okay guys, I m getting alot of hate for this, so here s a warning THIS IS NOT A POSITIVE REVIEW And honestly If your gonna give me BS about it, please answer me first Do you relate to Zoey And by that I mean by her actions and thoughts, not Oh I have the same skirt Good books, have protagonists that you can relate to Hunger Games Katniss Harry Potter Harry Potter Hush,Hush Nora Twilight We all make thise stupid Bella mistakes from time to time.if you do relate to Zoey [...]

    2. EDIT This was actually OK For the record, I hate this series like I ve hated no other But I just want to know what happens next Why must I be so masochistic Ah, it s definitely a love hate kinda thing Love the plot Hate everything else.

    3. Scroll down for the actual review Haha why the hell did I mark this as to read So I can write a snarky review probably Like, ohmagawd guuuyzzz, the 10 book is comin ouutzzz and likez, sirously, I am sooo ecited Who caaarez that the writing is likez ttly boringz, there are HOTT VAMPYRES and stuffs lol HAHAHA 3 3 and likez, isn t it cutsie how Zoey sayz poop and pop and I heartz you Like, EVERY1 says I heartz you It s ttly naturale And like she has 5MILLION GAIZ who luv her it s so sweet and like [...]

    4. Sometimes I wonder why I keep reading this bookI feel so frustrated by the writing sometimes, it just UGHHHHH.If I were Zoey and her friends, Neferet would be DEAD I mean, why doesn t Stark just use his magical ability of not being able to miss a shot to shoot Neferet in the head, and she d be dead I mean come on, Stark, if you wanted Zoey to be happy you d kill Neferet and take her out of her misery Make her happy Unless he wants her to be miserable so he can comfort her Oh Stark you sneaky lit [...]

    5. view spoiler ________, , , , __ __ ,_, _ ,_ ,_, _ _ _ ,_ ,_ _ ._ ,, ,,,___ , ,, _,, , , , ,__,,_._ _ _ , ,, , ,, __ ,%._ _, % , _ _, hide spoiler Ugh Another one This series should ve ended books ago, but now every time a new House of Night comes out, I ask myself, why do I even bother Because, let s be real, between main villain evil vampire Neferet being resilient than a cockroach, Zoey and the gang s obnoxious petty drama, and the million side characters carefully crafted to take up spac [...]

    6. I heard there were going to be 15 books in total in this series I really don t understand it They could have easily taken the plot, started with it from the beginning and finished with it five books ago, minusing the abbreviations BFF Really and awful comparisons to movies shows True Blood, Avatar, Glee The last few books have been complete drags with nothing happening that is beneficial for the ending as I see it.The writing is so obnoxiously written Teenagers do NOT act like that Aphrodite is [...]

    7. if youpeople are going to curse and be all mean about it the there is an eassy solution DONT read it and by the by there is no hating but loving and you cant just hate Zoey and Heath and her granda and everyone and want them to die but love Stark you people are just messed up why dont you people get a life and stop being haters yall cause haters are going to hell not like I wouldnt like tosee you there and all, but still like Stark said I wonder if I shout and arrow and think of an ass I wouldnt [...]

    8. The House of Night series is my number one guilty pleasure I turn to it whenever I am down in the dumps, and it never fails to make me laugh The series has been going on for quite some time now, and while it is quite overbearing, there is a lot to appreciate The latest installment, Hidden, is one of my favorite installments in the series The beginning lagged a tiny bit, as is the usual later in the series And then, suddenly, it was like a miracle happened I hit a certain point, and I just could [...]

    9. I don t love this series but I don t actually hate this its just in the middle for me and I wanted to know how it will end so I continue on reading this series and right know I m just waiting for this book HIDDEN and I do hope it will end in here cause honestly I m getting bored at it the only reason I m still reading this is because of STARK I m really team STARK And as for ZOEY i hate her I hated how every freaking Guy in the series is drooling over her.I hated the fact that she keeps insistin [...]

    10. This is for those of you who have made mistakes, and who are brave enough to correct them, and wise enough to learn from them.2.5 stars Believe it or not, that was the dedication at the front of the book I think the Casts could probably turn their dedication back around on themselves, seeing as how they ve taken the fan complaints to heart and reigned in some of the most blatant issues with House of Night.Yes, I know I m still reading this trainwreck of a series Hard to believe, isn t it Sadly, [...]

    11. Just to let everyone know so far there are going to be 12 books in this series Both P.C Cast and her daughter stated this back in 2009 on the Rachel Ray show when they were there to promote Hunted interview can be seen on youtube I personal like the series and can t wait for this one to come out The only thing that I would have wanted them to do differently is to stop dragging out the fight with Nef But still I can t wait to see how the books go and how they are going to take down Nef.

    12. I CANNOT WAIT Destined was amazing UPDATE 7 19 12 For one, the cover is amazing.That s the best depiction of Zoey I ve seen ever I hope the book is as good as the cover Now, I ve been doing predictions for all my new series Each time, I come up with fifteen prophecies that I think must happen in the new novel Sometimes they do, sometimes they don t, but I m becoming known for them, so I think I ll do predictions for Hidden Here we go Also, this fanfic about Hidden is amazing Some of the events w [...]

    13. Zoey and the gang are back at the House of Night trying to pick up the pieces from everything that happened at the end of the last book And surprise, deal with all the newd old problems that are cropping up This book, this series, makes me feel like this Everything is frustrating The plot, the characters, the writingme things are better and some things are worse And some of the things that were better are worse again But the very bottom line is that this series has it s hooks in me and I just ha [...]

    14. At first, I liked the series Really, I did It was probably this belief that kept me going.But then I started hating it when all that happened was ohmy goddess , i m soooo totally freaking out because i dont kno if i should pick the guy i want to eat or not, and i am totally wastin tym over it and by the time i realiz that, he s already dead so i kil myself and let every1 worry abt me and 500million guyz trip over me wyl i spend tym wid a dead guy but no worriez, bcoz there are looots of guys goi [...]

    15. I can understand why everybody is so tired of reading these books and I can relate, but why would you continue to read it if you re going to have such a negative input on it I honestly still read them simply because it s a good story line for the most part Who cares if she puts abbreviations and stupid sayings that no one says in it It s like being in another world, and honestly, I think that the addition of those kins of things help me get into the atmosphere of the house of night If you don t [...]

    16. Dude people need to shut the hell up about how Z needs to die this and Grandma Redbird needs to die that I mean really if you don t like the books don t read it and don t post on here about how you HATE or Dislike the books cause if I were the authors and people were talking crap about my books I would hunt them down and kill them but then again that s me But if you have nothing nice to say about the books don t say anything at all any way enough of the losers I can t wait to read the new book a [...]

    17. Is this the last one I just finished book 6 and I am kind of sick of it many books can there be I hate hate when authors write and and instead of letting it end on a high note Thank God Richelle Mead and Karen Marie Moning, ended Vampire Academy and the Fever series while it was still addicting6 books should probably the tops, unless you are following different characters.

    18. I am so eager to read this book I can t wait to see what happens with kalona as the new sword master and rephaim This book is going to be covered in awesomesauce

    19. I was surfing , and found this lovely picture when reading the summary for Hidden image error Wow Okay I guess the Cast s aren t the only ones who are off their rocker I laughed my ass off when I saw it, at least What does this picture have to do with this book Pizza Is pizza finally going to get his ass off of the couch and finish this series once and for all Because otherwise this picture has no purpose there P.s I actually didn t read the summary I almost died Why do I feel such an obligation [...]

    20. Why isn t this the end There was a solution though kind of easy and lame but an opportunity for closure Why does it have to be dragged out for two books I actually liked this book than the last because I liked the way it started Lenobia has always been interesting to me, though she was always in the background, and I really liked that I got to see of her, who she was, how she became who she is and her path to finding happiness But that story was short lived, and she disappeared for the rest o [...]

    21. Like Zoey would say Ah hell Another amazing sequel by the author we know and love If you haven t read the previous books read them The book was alot about Aurox getting to know himself and his position in the world Loved that Lenobia was reunited with her true love Neferet has to come up with some creative evil plans that will give some oomph to the book Neferet was just to predictable Didn t end on a cliffhanger so not sure what to expect in the next one.xiously waiting

    22. Pre reading, Pre release please, PLEASE tell me this is the last book in the series The onl reason I m still reading this series is because I HAVE to know how it ends, but I don t think I can hang on for much longere first three books are okay, I guess but I like to skip them as often as I can book 3 4 pisses me off 5 I don t remember what happened in five At book 6 I started really HATING this series After book 6 I read book 7 hoping they would bring Heath back and they didn t but I kept with i [...]

    23. i can t wait till this book come out It s gonna be SO AWSOME.I mean Awaken by P.C.Cast was HOT And i just can t for this version of her book to come out I m like screaming with excitement AHHHH THAT S HOW I FEEL INSIDE,CAN T WAIT FOR ANOTHER ONE OF HER HIT S

    24. I figured taking a year and a half break from this series would somehow make the heart grow fonder, but alas.The most frustrating thing about these novels is how much potential they have Some scenes are downright cinematic and I know that, in the right hands, these books would make an amazing movie series And I think it s this quality that have kept readers coming back for so long after all, this is one of the longest running YA series that is out right now it s hard to believe it s been six yea [...]

    25. 1.5 stars the extra 0.5 star is given out because I do think the story has the potential to become slightly better.Don t ask me why, but I do feel some of the Casts ideas are actually cool, but sadly they hardly ever excised their cool ideas in any meaningful way To be 100% honest with you I have long stopped caring about the characters and the plots of the House of Night series The main character Zoey Redbird is a big fat Mary Sue, and even up to this book it doesn t change In the book, people [...]

    26. i hate Heath i reallly hope his character does not come back HE IS DEAD LETS LEAVE HIM THAT WAY THANK YOU TEAM STARK

    27. I hate this series sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much I just finished 9th book and the only thing i kinda liked in it was Aphrodite okay Stark and Rephaim can be good sometimes I mean it could be a great story but the way its written and its even worse when they translate it to my language S And there are some promising characters who actually not as stupid and irritating as Zoey and then they turn into a crybaby or just i don t know its like they aren t worth it to b written as well as before And [...]

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