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Penitence By Jennifer Laurens Penitence Book Two Seeing good and evil spirits is a gift Zoe guards with her life Despite her guardian angel s disappearance Zoe forces herself to accept that she still has a purpose but how does she carry th
  • Title: Penitence
  • Author: Jennifer Laurens
  • ISBN: 9781933963839
  • Page: 300
  • Format: Paperback
  • Penitence By Jennifer Laurens Book Two Seeing good and evil spirits is a gift Zoe guards with her life Despite her guardian angel s disappearance, Zoe forces herself to accept that she still has a purpose but how does she carry the weight of her brother s drug abuse, the hardship of living with an autistic sister, and a best friend who s obsessed with a guy who only wants Zoe She s never felt aBook Two Seeing good and evil spirits is a gift Zoe guards with her life Despite her guardian angel s disappearance, Zoe forces herself to accept that she still has a purpose but how does she carry the weight of her brother s drug abuse, the hardship of living with an autistic sister, and a best friend who s obsessed with a guy who only wants Zoe She s never felt alone When a mysterious spirit appears, Zoe thinks she has a new guardian angel Instead, her brother s addiction worsens, her parents are on the brink of separation, and her best friend tries to kill her The spirit she thinks is her new guardian isn t there to protect her he s out to destroy her family and seize Zoe s soul for Hell Will Matthias return mean that he is Zoe s guardian angel again Or is their love the reason the jaws of Hell now gape open
    Penitence By Jennifer Laurens

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      Jennifer, aka JM Warwick aka Katherine Warwick was born and raised in Southern California and her hometown of Palos Verdes Estates flavors her books A Season of Eden and An Open Vein She doesn t limit herself to writing one genre, and was the first to author four romance novels centered around the popular sport of ballroom dancing.She has YA novels published under her YA romance name of Jennifer Laurens Falling for Romeo, Magic Hands, Nailed and the Heavenly series Heavenly 2009 Penitence 2010 and Absolution 2010 A Season of Eden 2011 and Overprotected 2011 Grace Doll 2012.An Open Vein is under her JM Warwick pen name Jennifer lives in Utah and has 6 children, one of whom has autism Jennifer finds it interesting that An Open Vein has 354 ratings and yet less than 100 people have read that particular book She knows this because she s an indie author and knows how many copies have actually sold And the book is out of print She doesn t put much stock in reviews in fact she never reads them.

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    1. I just finished Penitence a few days ago and had to give myself some time to reflect and absorb the contents of this book Let me just start by saying if you haven t heard of this book or you have been considering it, add it to you list of series to read now As I mentioned in my review of Heavenly this series is excellent I am currently reading the last of the books Absolution I find myself wanting to slow down because I don t want the story to end Completing the last book will be like breaking u [...]

    2. Rating 3.5 starsHmm again I seem to be having trouble writing a review for this book like the first one I liked this book but I don t think I was in the mood for it It the whole its me not you thing I found it to be a fast moving, emotional story filled with suprises but I think my trouble is it didn t have enough make me smile moments The ending of course was a big cliffhanger leaving so many unanswered questions arghh Despite my confused feelings I do want to read Absolution I hope it has the [...]

    3. The first book in the series started started ok This book however was a drag for me to finish I have to admit, I find the lead character a bit annoying I get that she is in love with this guardian angel, Matthias, but sometimes I find her a bit whiny And although I know that their love is impossible, there s a point in the book that I kinda wish that she would make a choice already You see, she also spends her time with Weston, who is the ex boyfriend of her BFF Britt.It s frustrating to read Zo [...]

    4. DNF 27%This book is by no means a bad book I m not putting it down because I can t stand the characters, or I think the plot is nonsensical I got this book years ago Since then my reading tastes have changed a lot This is a case of it s not you, it s me , book edition Maybe someday I ll get back into the guardian angel thing, and I ll get a copy of this book off again or from the library But for now, I ll bring it to a used bookstore so someone who will really really enjoy it can find it and lov [...]

    5. Penitience is the second book in the Heavenly series, picking up right where we left Zoe in Heavenly Jennifer Laurens eases us back into the story effortlessly, reminding us where the story ended in the last book without sounding repetitive When Zoe re enters her body after experience perfection in Paradise, it s clear she doesn t want to be there She wants to be back in the loving arms of Matthias where there is no pain, only love and absolute certainty of what she craves Matthias doesn t appea [...]

    6. Insert Satisfied Sigh This book was amazing Lucky, lucky me, I won this book in the giveaway contest As the second book in the series, following the book, Heavenly, it took the continuing story in a surprising and gratifying direction When we last left Zoe, she had been in a car crash and her spirit was happy and content in the arms of Matthias in Paradise Apparently, however, she still has work to do on earth, and on page 1 we find her back in her hospital bed, back with her mortal life problem [...]

    7. At the end of Heavenly I was left sobbing mostly for joy at the fact Zoe and Matthias are togetheren BAM All that is RIPPED AWAY I had put Heavenly down and picked Penitence up straight away to start reading then by page 5 I put it down and picked up Heavenly and went back to paradise I wanted to go back Zoe was in Paradise with the man person angel that she loved But then she was back with her family the family that missed herwanted her just as much That loved her just as much Jennifer Laurens [...]

    8. The sequel to Heavenly is just as exciting as the first oneexcept that this book has MORERE characters, MORE problems, MORE complications, MORE lessons, MORE heart warming kilig scenes.I like Zoe s character because whether you believe me or not, she s different from the usually read about female protagonist Her character is not the goody good girl Yes, she s good, but what s ironic is that she still parties, and has this desires in her heart that you can t really say is pure However, we can cle [...]

    9. Penitence, wow what can I say I read this book in one night, It was fantastic, the storyline, the twists Despite Zoe not wanting to be on Earth she decides she has to accept she was sent back to Earth for a reason a purpose Her love for her brother she still tries to help him with his abuse, the hardship of living with her autistic sister and her best friend who is obsessed with a guy who has eyes for only Zoed A love triangle Im sure you will enjoy Then this mysterious spirit enters Zoes life a [...]

    10. First of all let me say that Penitence is not as good as Heavenly.This book has no plot.Really.And the characters Oh yeah,totally flat except Zoe s.Brittany was being jealous and selfish as always and ah I forgot,with no brain at all.What about Weston Zoe s new love interest.He was only capable of three things professing his love for Zoey ,being protective of her and constantly asking her about her secret.Nothing and nothing less.About Albert the big threat in this book,well he wasn t so big in [...]

    11. Such a thrilling ride Weston is just a hunk, and I just adore his character The one thing I loved about this book was how Zoe really comes to know her true self, and when that happened, she really knows what she s meant to do in her life and make the most of it It s such a great story, and it has really opened my eyes to being a better person.Jennifer Laurens is a fantastic author and I look forward to seeing books from her

    12. THIS REVIEW IS FOR BOTH BOOK 1 HEAVENLY AND BOOK 2 PENITENCE I LOVE these books They became so addicting to me, that when I finished the second one I was so annoyed I didn t have the 3rd right away to finish the series The characters are well fleshed out and rich There are plenty to work with on this canvas Here s a look at who is who Zoe She is the main character, and it s through her eyes we experience everything In the beginning you won t like her very much She says and does things that seem [...]

    13. While the story had substance than the first book in this series still not much , the main character, Zoe, became someone who is even incredibly irritating She is selfish and egotistical and the whole book is basically her doing these 3 things 1 talking about how she loves Mattais so much, but then going to Weston 2 seconds later 2 talking about how almost all the other characters are such losers and social outcasts 3 saying how she cares so much about her friends and family but then not helpi [...]

    14. To give this book any less then five stars would be a lie, actually five stars does not even begin to cover just how amazing Penitence was to me I started reading this book at10 10 PM last night and ended it at 3 33 AM I devoured this book for the simple reason that it is addictive It is just such powerful writing that you CANNOT put it down This is going to be long, but totally worth it, especially since it actually makes Heavenly look like a chump compared to it Jennifer Laurens is an AMAZING [...]

    15. Review taken from my blog It is a bit of an essay, I hope you enjoy Where do I start, you all know how much I loved Heavenly and this sequel just adds to my adoration of Jennifer Laurens Remember how I said I thought the book was written for me, well I realised for the first time that Zoe s surname is Dodd, you won t believe it but my maternal grandparents surname was DODD How much of a coincidence is that.Penitence starts at the exact point that Heavenly ends, there is a nice recap of the event [...]

    16. Penitence is the sequel to Heavenly, one of my favourite books of all time written by the very lovely Jennifer Laurens I kept on entering Jennifer s weekly contests but never won any so one day I posted that I didn t care about the other prizes, I just wanted the book To my complete joy and surprise, Grove Creek Publishing agreed to send me a review copy and I was elated HUGE thanks to Grove Creek Publishing and their random act of kindness.So you should all know by now that I m a HUGE fan of Je [...]

    17. Penitence begins with Zoe waking up in hospital She s been torn away from Matthias and Paradise, and finds herself in a hospital bed surrounded by her family She s survived the accident, but things aren t the same Matthias is gone, but he s been replaced by someone else someone Zoe doesn t know she can trust Just when Zoe thinks things can only get better, she s proven wrong Temptation isn t the only sin, after all.I absolutely adored Heavenly, but I can safely say that Penitence exceeded all my [...]

    18. Heavenly ends with Zoe dying, and being in a paradise type place with her beloved Matthias But as Penitence begins we find out that Zoe was not meant to die yet, and therefore gets sent back to life.without Matthias.Zoe awakens in a hospital room, her memory of the accident and afterlife a little hazy Her first reaction is to look around the room for Matthias, but he s nowhere in sight Though she is surrounded by her caring family, her heart and soul aches for Matthias.Once she is released from [...]

    19. This book blew me away I loved it even than the first Penitence was a fast paced journey that I could not keep my eyes from I started this book late last night and I finished it a little while ago What a story I just loved it.We pick up right where we left off in book one I m going to try to be spoiler free here for the people who haven t read heavenly Matthias is gone and Zoe hasn t seen him in weeks Just as she thinks things are playing out how they should, she starts seeing evil spirits and [...]

    20. I throughly enjoyed the follow up to HEAVENLY and yet again my tissues came in handy while I was reading.With the ending of HEAVENLY you are left wondering what happens to Zoe, did she die or was she brought back to the world of living or was her soul taken hell PENITENCE answers most of your questions that you had at the end of HEAVENLY but I m still hanging onto some unanswered questions.We watched Zoe grow as a person in HEAVENLY but after her accident in PENITENCE she takes a huge growth spu [...]

    21. Posted at oh my books 2011 After reading Heavenly, the first book of this series, I was very excited to read Penitence.I just began reading it and things I wasn t excepting were happening Zoe is taken from Matthias s arms to start over again, with lots of suffering But pain isn t the worse part, Matthias is gone.Personally, this part of the story was very important to me I started reading it after being in an accident not exactly as Zoe s and I thought the author did a great job writing about it [...]

    22. READ THIS BOOK, please, you will never regret about that This book totally fill out all my expectative the love, the pain, the new guy , a new lovely family, all kind of experience that made me read this book as quickly as the first book The first pages were a little bit depressive you know, an angel and a girl bad combination Tragic love Impossible love I had never read about such an innocent character as Matthias But don t get me wrong I was in complete shock when I read the couple of pages wh [...]

    23. Anyone else notice a trend in YA series First book intro to story We meet characters, meet the love interest, get to know the plot and problems, climax, then we finish with resolution not necessarily true for every YA series book, but bare with me What typically happens in book two There s some problems ex forbidden love, dram, hurt feelings and the main love interest disappears for a while Soooo, now what Yep, you guessed it a new love interest is introduced Typically this bugs the hell out of [...]

    24. jennifer laurens, you made me believe again this was way better than the first one not to worry i love the first one as well in this zoe is torn between heaven and earth as the video would say heaven for matthias and earth for weston yep you got it right its weston.s ex boyfriend who allegedly along with brady attempted to rape zoe at a party good thing matthias saved her i thought at first WTH oops sorry matthias weston and zoe too good to be true but in the end i came to like weston as well th [...]

    25. Let me start by saying I love anything and everything written by Jennifer Laurens She masterfully crafts love stories that are believable and leaves you hungering for Her characters are usually well developed and you can t wait to know what happens next.Penitence is book 2 in the Heavenly Series and I admit I couldn t put it down It begins with Zoe at the hospital She just came back from the dead, literally yanked from the arms of the angel she loves, her Guardian Angel Matthias She is in so mu [...]

    26. After spending about two weeks recovering in the hospital after a terrible accident, Zoe Dodd decides to start life with a different approach When her previous guardian angel disappears, she s left confused than ever Keeping up with the surroundings happening in her current life take a back seat to the thoughts and sights that Zoe now experiences with a new view Getting a new guardian angel is the last thing she expects, and when she knows who and what he really is she s gets questions than an [...]

    27. In this stunning sequel to Heavenly, Zoe s true love and guardian angel, Matthias, has disappeared, and in his place, an evil spirit has appeared who is trying to capture her soul and destroy those around her Her family still faces their normal difficulties with her brother s drug abuse and her sister s autism, and her best friend, Britt hates her now too, since her old boyfriend has fallen in love with Zoe and a relationship has ensued When Matthias finally returns, will things go back to the w [...]

    28. The first book in this series, Heavenly, is one of my favorite books I loved everything about it From the plot to the characters, Heavenly is truly breathtaking Penitence is just as amazing and heart wrenching The story takes a surprising turn but is still just as powerful and thought provoking From the very beginning of the book, I was swept away by a tidal wave of emotions Zoe is such a normal, relatable character I could easily place myself in her shoes and see things through her eyes Her str [...]

    29. Zoe was about to die, now she recovering both physical and emotionally, but her heart keeps aching for Matthias She doesn t know where he is, what happened or if she will see him again, Zoe just knows that living without him will be unbearable Her sister is fine and her family is struggling but they keep going, she should be happy, and she is, but her heart is empty Weston tries to approach her but her best friend is obsessed with him Suddenly someone comes into her life and things start to go w [...]

    30. Even from the first pages of Heavenly Book 1 , which I was lucky enough to have received as a birthday present, I knew that Jennifer s story had me hooked Penitence , where Zoe s story continues, was then on top of my reading list.Both as an author and a reader my favorite kind of writing first person teenage narration, lively and realistic characters and the element of the supernatural sliding into the story so smoothly and developing hand in hand with down to earth harsh reality school and tee [...]

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