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Clay By David Almond Clay Fourteen year old Davie and his best friend Geordie are altar boys at their local Catholic Church They re full of mischief but that all changes when Stephen Rose comes to town Father O Mahoney thin
  • Title: Clay
  • Author: David Almond
  • ISBN: 9780385731713
  • Page: 168
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Clay By David Almond Fourteen year old Davie and his best friend, Geordie, are altar boys at their local Catholic Church They re full of mischief, but that all changes when Stephen Rose comes to town Father O Mahoney thinks it would be a good idea for Davie and Geordie to befriend him maybe some of their good nature will rub off on this unhappy soul But it s Stephen who sees something speciFourteen year old Davie and his best friend, Geordie, are altar boys at their local Catholic Church They re full of mischief, but that all changes when Stephen Rose comes to town Father O Mahoney thinks it would be a good idea for Davie and Geordie to befriend him maybe some of their good nature will rub off on this unhappy soul But it s Stephen who sees something special in Davie.Stephen s a gifted sculptor One day as Davie looks on, Stephen brings a tiny figure to life It s a talent he has, the gift of creation and he knows that Davie has this talent, too Davie allows Stephen to convince him to help bring a life size figure to life and Clay is born Clay is innocent, but Stephen has special plans for him.What has Davie helped to unleash on the world
    Clay By David Almond

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      David Almond

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    1. David Almond

      David Almond is a British children s writer who has penned several novels, each one to critical acclaim He was born and raised in Felling and Newcastle in post industrial North East England and educated at the University of East Anglia When he was young, he found his love of writing when some short stories of his were published in a local magazine He started out as an author of adult fiction before finding his niche writing literature for young adults.His first children s novel, Skellig 1998 , set in Newcastle, won the Whitbread Children s Novel of the Year Award and also the Carnegie Medal His subsequent novels are Kit s Wilderness 1999 , Heaven Eyes 2000 , Secret Heart 2001 , The Fire Eaters 2003 and Clay 2005 His first play aimed at adolescents, Wild Girl, Wild Boy, toured in 2001 and was published in 2002 His works are highly philosophical and thus appeal to children and adults alike Recurring themes throughout include the complex relationships between apparent opposites such as life and death, reality and fiction, past and future forms of education growing up and adapting to change the nature of the self He has been greatly influenced by the works of the English Romantic poet William Blake.He is an author often suggested on National Curriculum reading lists in the United Kingdom and has attracted the attention of academics who specialise in the study of children s literature.Almond currently lives with his family in Northumberland, England.Awards Hans Christian Andersen Award for Writing 2010.

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    1. The experience of reading Clay is like being in a dream There are recognisable objects and familiar places, but everything is twisted round, suffused with the strange, the extraordinary, the downright miraculous.David Almond is an award winning author and one of the finest writing for young adults today Clay is recommended for children over 11, but it s a novel that may be read and enjoyed and marvelled at as much by adults.Davie and his best friend Geordie are just ordinary kids altar boys, med [...]

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    3. Here s the first thing I have to say about this book I got through most of it No, not even got through itI rather enjoyed the first 3 4ths of the novel But something about it just didn t do it for me I m usually the first person to see a book through, but as soon as another book came alongwell, goodbye CLAY Maybe it was because it was outdated, or that the characters were from 1980 Ireland Britain It was creepy and every time I put it down, I felt like I d just been dreaming Not in a good way bu [...]

    4. The horror of this story did not affect me the first time I read it Stephen is evil, no two ways about it Davie is naive and ready to be manipulated by God or the Devil But what about something in between What about someone who is just a lonely boy whose father is dead and mother is in a mental hospital Wait He lies He manipulates He hypnotizes He was kicked out of a seminary What s going on From first readFreaktastically wonderful Was Clay alive, or did Stephen Rose hypnotize Davie I really wan [...]

    5. David Almond is constantly surprising me I knew immediately that this would be like the golem story, but I continued on, expecting something than that, and I was not disappointed I swallowed the entire thing in one afternoon and my brother will testify when I tell you that there were moments when I would just set it down and squeal in delight at Almond s genius His themes of faith, servitude, and friendship are incredibly pervasive within the surreal plot and almost childish narration There are [...]

    6. What to say about CLAY I think Brent said it best Frankenstein meets Demian, meets The Outsiders, with a twist of the old Golem story David and his best friend Geordie have it pretty goodey steal scramental wine from the church and cigarettes from their dads They run the neighborhood, looking out for Mouldy, the school bully They lead a typical life, until Stephen Rose comes to town.Stephen comes to live with his Crazy Aunt Mary his father is dead, and his mother is hospitalized in a mental hosp [...]

    7. This book was odd, but after discussing it with others, I came to really like this book I read this book to see why it is banned in some places I also wanted to read this book to see what the symbolism of clay was within the story.I would recommend this book to students who are Catholic, students who enjoy art, or students who have family issues I might also give this book to a student who has dealt with death, a mental disability or with bullying.In school, I would use this book for a unit on m [...]

    8. I read this book because it was required for class However, I am still not quite sure what to think about it Reading the book made me feel somewhat uncomfortable because of some of the content I was confused for most of the novel, but by the end it reminded me of Frankenstein I think that this book would be too mature for most young adults, because it is dark and has a lot of violence There is some mockery of the Catholic religion, and that made me feel uncomfortable I would not recommend this b [...]

    9. Cal NesvigBook Review Clay By David AlmondDavid Almond s book Clay, tells an unusual story about a quiet, young boy named Davie, who was forced to reach beyond his comfort zone Davie and his best friend Geordie are forced to befriend a strange new kid in town named Stephen as requested by Father O Mahoney The two boys are already mischeveous enough drinking wine from the local church and getting into fights, but Stephen takes this a step further The two boys discover that Stephen has a supernatu [...]

    10. David Almond s 2006 novel, Clay, is, like many other books by this author, a tale of boyhood in northeastern England It s the story of a young Catholic altar boy whose priest encourages him to befriend Stephen Rose, the strange new boy in town, who was thrown out of the seminary for mysterious reasons As Davie, the story s protagonist, spends and time with the newcomer, he finds that the boy possesses strange and dangerous powers, powers that enable him to create life from ordinary clay, power [...]

    11. I think that when I read this book again, I will likely give it four stars maybe five For now, I m going to have to stick with because when I got to the end of this book, I felt almost like I was someone s gollum bland, dry, and flat SPOILER ALERT kind of I think it had a lot to do with the fact that halfway through the story, I thought I knew what was going to happen, then found out toward the end that I had been completely deceived And what s worse, the guy who deceives you gets away Perhaps t [...]

    12. Thirteen year old Davie is an altar boy in a small town in the north county of England He worries about avoiding a bully nicknamed Mouldy with his best friend Georgie and is eager to get a date with the very attractive His life is relatively normal until a new boy named Stephen Rose moves into Crazy Mary s house Together they will create a man from clay and the consequences are severe than Davie could have ever bargained for But what truly motivates Stephen and why has he become such an influen [...]

    13. Estuvo bien Lo le en un d a Es una historia religiosa que al final deja dudas, pero en el desarrollo son interesantes las relaciones bastante reales y clich s tristemente, no se explican varias cosas que le quitan puntos Probablemente es de esas historias que tienes que pensar un buen tiempo despu s de terminar de leer, pero por el momento no saco mucho en claro Cuando obtenga ideas en claro actualizar esto.

    14. I wanted to like this book, but I just can t There were some interesting thoughts, but overall it s just a terrible book Want a truly good book about the responsibility of a creator for its creation Read Frankenstein.

    15. This book has been on my shelf for years, and now I can finally bring it to the book cycle and get rid of it That was just 296 pages of utter confusion I honestly have no idea what happened

    16. My book I read was called Clay this book was very confusing because it was made in England and they have a different way they say thing so I didn t really get it but besides that I really like this book because it was very suspenseful and had a little bit of horror involved.This kid named Davie and he was just an ordinary kid well at least that s what he thought and later in the book he finds out he has a power to make clay figures come alive and some that are unstoppable.Davie was a very comple [...]

    17. This is one of those stories that I find the less you know and try to figure out the ending, the better So trying for a spoiler free review and summary, this book is about a few alter boys who are approached by a new kids, Stephen Rose Stephen is odd, artistic and very surreal, and he begins to make a close friendship with Davie the protagonist After some weird occurrences, dreams and an unknown death Davie finds that Stephen is than he ever expected They work together and create something both [...]

    18. I have just started this book but it seems good so far Davie is a normal 13 year old boy and lives a regular life A new boy moves to town and says he can make a monster out of clay, which freaks Davie out and makes him question some things I m not sure how it is going to end but I think it seems good and the author is doing a good job on keeping it interesting I have been on the edge of my seat and I hope it stays that way throughout the whole book.

    19. Almond s books tend to be a little slow at the beginning, but once they really start wow.What would you do if you had a creature who could do anything you want What would you make them do There are no definitive answers, just immense questions about life and death, about evil and pain, about friendship and love.

    20. There are shades of both Paradise Lost and Frankenstein in this ambitious golem narrative by a master storyteller.

    21. This book was interesting to say the least I read Clay because it was a required book for my class, but in a way I am glad I did It was weird and uncomfortable but I found myself reflecting on the actions and conversations of characters in the book I was intrigued by all of the different possibilities and I tried to come up with a solution for what happened between Davie and Stephen and their clay creation I would hand this book to a high school student.Clay would be a thought provoking book to [...]

    22. I m not sure what to make of this book I thought it really well written and engaging, but I was never able to decide whether the story the boy told was his imagination or reality.

    23. I was intrigued by this novel s premise, my interest piqued by the idea that a sculpture could bring his works of art to life Although the novel was strange and I could never decide if the events were actually happening, I liked the insight the novel gave into what it means to be a human with God like abilities I would recommend this novel to students who can handle the content without getting offended Because this novel touches on the ideas of creating and destroying life I would be weary of ju [...]

    24. I read this book because it was required for class I thought it was a very interesting book teaching between good and bad However, it was really erie Something is very wrong in the head of Stephen s I would recommend this book to high schoolers if I had to, definitely not middle grade kids If I had to teach this book, I would teach it in high school I would use it to teach about making decisions between good and bad and how to detect when people are deceiving Drugs drinking and smokingSex NoRR S [...]

    25. I read this book for my YA Lit course and I m not sorry It s refreshingly ambiguous while still covering relatable questions and topics The touch of magical realism doesn t hurt, either I would use this in a classroom setting to discuss potential influences and how we respond to them Davie is influenced by his religion, his friends, his crush, and Stephen, and struggles to figure out where he stands I think many teens can relate to this and it would be good to talk about WarningsDrugs alchohol, [...]

    26. I read this book because it was a required reading for a class that I am in currently, and I probably wouldn t have picked it otherwise For the class, students are required to do a censorship essay letter paper about this book explaining why it shouldn t be banned On that note, I can see why this is a book that is frequently subject to banning it s pretty dark I wouldn t heave been very interested in reading this book because it kind of sounded like a rip off of Frankenstein, and after reading i [...]

    27. I discovered David Almond reading Skellig He has the incredible ability to write spooky and sinister books for younger readers as well as for adults There seems to be a very thin line between writing children books and writing challenging books and David Almond seems to be extremely talented at writing precisely on that line.In the same way, Neil Gaiman s books for younger readers have the same capacity to captivate children and develop at the same time very serious themes I really love the fact [...]

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